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College Computing Services – Virtual Help Desk


College Computing Services (CCS) is the support unit of the College that oversees and provides overall information technology services for the College of Engineering. Those services include care for desktop computing, classroom technology, distance learning, back-end servers, and other related efforts.


The Response Center is our Service Desk/Help Desk and first-level support group. This unit handles most end-user computer support, from our computer labs and classrooms to faculty and staff desktops. This unit also supports distance learning and video conferencing.


Technical Services maintains our server infrastructure, and interfaces with our parent universities on various issues. This unit also works on projects and special problems, and provides advanced support for end-user issues.

CCS was created in 2017 from the former Communication and Multimedia Services (CMS) department. You will still see various references to CMS for years to come – remember, for “computing” issues, CMS means College Computing Services, and for “multimedia” issues, CMS means College Marketing Services. If you are not sure of where to address your request, contact the Response Center.