Engineering Accounts

The College of Engineering is changing how we manage our public-access computers in computer labs and classrooms - this will change how users login. During August 2022, we will migrate these computers to Active Directory, after which you will use FSU credentials to login. Prior to this migration, the information provided below will apply. This page will be updated in late August to reflect the changes made in the migration.

You must have an Engineering Account to use any public-access computers at the College of Engineering. This account is separate and distinct from your University computer account. Please visit College Computing Services in Suite A332 to obtain your Engineering Account.

You log in to College of Engineering computers with your Engineering account (Engineering username and password). You cannot log in to Engineering computers with your FAMU or FSU account credentials.

Please do not give your password to anyone. You may not share your account with anyone. Failure to abide by this guideline is cause for deletion of your account.

Please observe proper etiquette while using your account. Do not use the computing resources for activities unrelated to your Engineering course work.

Lab Rules

In our primary computer labs/classrooms - A205, A144, A337, B114 - food and drink is not allowed. We also do not generally allow food and drink in the Distance Learning Studio Classrooms, A305 and A317. Violations may result in your account being locked.

At other public computers - Atrium/Connector and Library - users may have food and drink at the computer station. However, we ask all users to keep their surroundings clean, and be especially mindful of avoiding undue mess on keyboards/mice.

Password Changes

Currently, if you wish to change your Engineering account password, you must come in person to the Response Center (A332). Please bring a Photo ID.

Disk Quotas

All Engineering users have a 1GB "soft quota" for storage on our primary file server system. This storage -- the UNIX "home directory" or Windows "My Documents" -- is for general academic use. Users may exceed the soft quota on a limited basis, but those users exceeding the quota by a large amount or for an extended period will be asked to resolve this. College Computing Services reserves the right to move user files, and, in extreme cases, lock accounts, as necessary to maintain sufficient and healthy storage services for all users.

Users that may require additional storage for a specific project are encouraged to contact College Computing Services to discuss potential arrangements for special storage.

Since the College does not provide email services directly - email services are provided by the Universities - we do not enforce quotas on email (check your University’s email documentation for information on quotas). Also, email does not impact a user’s Engineering Disk Quota (except in very unusual circumstances).