CCS Wired Access

The college Ethernet network is managed by FSU Information Technology Services (FSU-ITS); CCS provides first-level assistance for network issues.

In most cases, the only wired network connection needed in a room is for the telephone.  The back of the phone provides a jack to connect a computer.  However, if there is a need for additional network connections (second computer, printer, etc.), then additional network wall jacks are required.  (At times, due to a lack of wall-jack connections in a particular room, we do need to utilize small unmanaged switches in the room to deliver additional connections. However, this is not the preferred approach, and we are working to eliminate these in favor of proper wiring.)

If new wired network access is required, please submit a request to CCS with as many details as possible (why the access is needed, room number and location within the room, existing wall jack number if applicable).  CCS will review the request, then forward it to FSU-ITS for fulfillment.  Note that the requesting department must pay for any new wiring required to fulfill the request.  College administration pays the ongoing monthly cost for the connection.

Please note that not every wall jack is the same -- the configuration of different switch ports is different, and a device that works on one jack may not work on another. Also, unused jacks are usually not active (since active jacks come with a monthly cost).

DO NOT PICK YOUR OWN IP ADDRESS!  These addresses are assigned in specific ways, and use of an address not assigned to your device may lead to duplicate addresses, strange network problems and poor performance.

If a network connection stops working, report it to CCS for initial evaluation.  CCS will pass the request on to FSU-ITS as appropriate.

For any network questions or problems, contact CCS.