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Marketing and Communications Services MARCOM

About Us

Marketing and Communications provides leadership in promoting the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering with strategic messaging and branding for the college. Our work reflects the uniqueness of our story and the diversity of our two universities. Our primary goal is to ensure consistency in all forms of communication in order to effectively strengthen relationships between the college and both internal and external audiences.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing and Communications Planning Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Campus Communication
  • Digital & Print Design
  • Photography and Videography
  • Special Events & Event Planning



We can promote research, events, and programs using various platforms of news release distribution, social media and multimedia production. If you have a story or news event contact MARCOM and we will help promote.

Web Services

We can provide help with your web pages and website design. Contact MARCOM for more information.

Photo Services


We provide professional headshots for your needs. Schedule your appointment during our photo service hours.

Hours by appointment:
Tuesday 11am-2pm
Wednesday 11am-2pm

Event Photography

We are available to take photos of your events. Use online photo request form to schedule.

Media Photo Services

To help promote your department visually we are available to take stock photos to illustrate your research. Use online request form to schedule.

Online Photo Gallery

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering has a photo gallery (https://famufsuengineering.photoshelter.com/index) with hundreds of photos representing activities at the college.


We are available to shoot short video interviews and small promotional videos for your department. Contact MARCOM for more information.


We provide limited printing services for faculty, staff and students. Email your printing request to MARCOM and we will let you know if your request is approved. Once approved and printed we will email you if your project is ready. Please make your request at least seven days in advance if possible and please only send us PDFs.

Walk-in Hours:
Tuesday 2pm-4pm
Wednesday 2pm-4pm
Thursday 11am-3pm

Business Cards Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff business cards are professionally printed at a nominal fee by your department. Please use the business card template as your guideline and send your information via email to the Marketing Director.

Business Cards for Students

Graduate Student business cards are printed in-house. Use the online business card template as a guideline and email the information to the Multimedia Specialist.


Poster Printing is available for conference posters and event posters for faculty, staff, students and student organizations. Allow seven days in advance if possible.

All posters need to emailed as PDFs to Marketing. We accept standard poster sizes of 24x36 or 48x36 and posters need to be pdfs.

Color Pages

Limited color printing is available for reports for students. Send only the necessary pages that require color. Make a pdf before sending. We do not print resumes. Some projects may require approval from our Marketing Director.

Student Organization Printing Guidelines

To help support our student organizations we provide limited printing services per semester. We offer the following print options:

  • 2 posters 48x36 or 36x24 inch
  • 2 posters 36x24 inch
  • 50 letter size 8.5x11 inch flyers
  • 12 flyers 17x11 inch

Event Planning

We can help you plan your event at the college by reserving dates and locations on/off campus, negotiating with vendors, providing supplies and promotional materials and assist with invitations and other related needs. Contact the Events Administrator (M. Webb) for more information.

We Are Here to help

Let us help tell your story through our various services. Here are some helpful contacts.

Tisha Keller
Director of Marketing & Communication Services



Trisha Radulovich
Multimedia Services


Laurie Herring
Senior Designer


JD Adams
Web Design & Development


Ginny Fouts
Events Coordinator


Mark Wallheiser
Photographer & Videographer