Event Request Form

Start with this form for ALL events planned for the Engineering campus!


For purposes of this Event Request Form, an event is defined as a meeting, gathering or activity initiated by an organization, group or individual that is unrelated to the major university functions of teaching, research, service and administration. Events may be academic, professional, service-oriented or social in nature including, but not limited to student organization meetings, promotional tabling, 5Ks races/walks, employer or vendor presentations, festivals and carnivals, networking mixers, speaker assemblies, community service outreach and the like. 

Organizations, groups or individuals both affiliated (i.e. recognized student organizations, Greek letter organizations, faculty, staff, alumni) and unaffiliated (i.e. employee organizations, community organizations, vendors) with the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering who wish to host an event at the college facility must abide by the procedures set forth by the university. The Event Request Form is designed to assist student organizations, campus departments and other affiliated or unaffiliated parties with thinking through their overall event plan with the hopes of ensuring safe and successful events on campus. 

All in-person, on-campus meetings, events, and gatherings will require an approved event request to proceed. Prior to the approval of an event request at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, student organizations and individuals are required to fill out the form linked below, and possibly the online FSU Event Permit form. The college Event Request form must be completed and approved before the FSU Event Permit form is filled out. 

Please work with Gerald McGill (gmcgill@eng.famu.fsu.edu850-410-6358) to reserve space, including classrooms, conference rooms, and public spaces at the College of Engineering. 

IMPORTANT! Requests must be turned in at least 15 business days prior to an event. Event requests that ARE NOT submitted at least 15 business days in advance are subject to denial. 


Event Procedures 

As of August 1, 2021 FAMU-FSU College of Engineering event guidelines have returned to normal, pre-pandemic operations, and indoor space limitations have been discontinued. Masks are strongly recommended but not required on campus except in designated healthcare locations. Full vaccination against COVID-19 is the best, most effective way to protect yourselves and others from getting COVID-19 and preventing disruption of your studies, social activities, teaching, research or work. All College of Engineering students, faculty and staff are eligible for the vaccine. Those who choose not to be vaccinated are assuming significant risk of contracting COVID-19 and should be aware of the potential consequences, such as isolation and quarantine. Unvaccinated individuals who test positive or come in close contact with known COVID-19 cases will be required to quarantine at home 10 days for the safety of others. Please visit https://studentaffairs.fsu.edu/student-life/student-guidelines for more information. 

Requests regarding event reservations, at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, involve a two-step process: the internal COE Event Request and the online FSU Event Permit Request. Please refer to the list below for further details:


  1. Student organizations and individuals must complete the internal COE Event Request form prior to each event that either requires reservation of space at the College of Engineering or requests the Dean’s presence. The COE Event Request form is available online at https://www.eng.famu.fsu.edu/events/request-form. Completed forms are due at least 15 business days prior to the event date (for space reservation/event review and approval).


  1. If an FSU Event Permit Request is required, it must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event. Upon submission of the COE Event Request, you will be instructed to use the following web-link if your event needs the additional permit: https://union.fsu.edu/sac/eventplanning/event-permit. You may refer to the FAQ section for examples of events requiring permits: https://union.fsu.edu/ces/eventplanning/faqs.


  1. It a similar event will be held several times over the semester (For Ex: General Body Meetings), all the dates can be included in just one COE Event Request form and one online FSU Event Permit Request submitted before the first scheduled event, However, it will be important to submit a new online FSU Event Permit Request, if additional activities requiring approval are incorporated into future events (like music, amplified sound, food, invitation of an outside speaker, invitation of general public, etc.) You may refer to the FAQ section for additional examples of events requiring permits: https://union.fsu.edu/ces/eventplanning/faqs.


  1. Please remember to make reservations at the College, as early as possible if you are requesting the Dean’s presence at your event (See Step (i)).



COE Room Use Policy


  1. Groups will be responsible for abiding by the following room use policies:


    1. It is the advisor’s responsibility to ensure that the classroom is kept clean and that all equipment is safeguarded and kept in its original working condition.


    1. If food and other materials are brought in, they must be removed at the end of your meeting. This includes papers, water bottles, pizza boxes, soft drinks, etc. You may not use the classroom trash cans for disposing of such materials. There will be 55-gallon trash cans available for check-out from the Marketing + Communications office during normal business hours. Groups are responsible for providing their own trash bags, You may place garbage in the dumpster in the Building B parking lot.


    1. A $50 fee per event/per room will be assessed if facilities staff finds these materials left behind. In the event that you find the condition of the room unacceptable when you arrive, you must report this to Student Services via phone, email, or in person by noon on the next business day! (studentsupport@eng.famu.fsu.edu or 850-410-6423).


    1. No alcohol is permitted. If evidence suggests that alcohol was consumed at the event, the FSUPD will be contacted to investigate, If verified, the organization will be suspended indefinitely from holding events at the College of Engineering.


  1. In the event that classroom keys are needed (i.e. weekend events), the organization’s advisor must obtain the key, in person, from Students Services (Room B111) on the Friday before the weekend event. Any classroom(s) used must be locked after the event. The key must be returned in the morning of the next working day by 10 a.m. Lost keys will result in a $250 charge to the organization.


  1. College furniture cannot be moved without prior permission. The Facilities Coordinator, Donald Hollett (hollett@eng.famu.fsu.edu; 850-410-6600), must be contacted for approval, if the event being organized might involve any moving of furniture.



By completing the COE Event Request Form, the organization and advisor acknowledge that they have read and agrees to all policies and procedures as listed above.




Once your event is approved by the college, you MAY need to submit an FSU event permit. If our email indicates that you need additional permitting, these are the links that we will provide: