FAMU-FSU Engineering Ambassadors Network (EAN)

The FAMU-FSU Engineering Ambassadors provide many essential brand-forward functions for the college, including:

  • K-10 engineering campus tours (pre-college bound students)
  • Research center tours for the general public and VIPs
  • Media availability events
  • Alumni and industry event hosts
  • Roadmap to Engineering information sessions (K-10)
  • Social media content collaborations
  • Classroom STEM presentations (in-person and virtual)
  • College representation and tabling for university/alumni/industry events
  • Engineering student representation for special events/requests
  • Community STEM event participation
  • Challenger Learning Center volunteers

Who are the Engineering Ambassadors?

Our Engineering Ambassadors span the spectrum of students on our campus. They are undergraduate and grad students from both Florida A&M and Florida State universities who are enrolled in engineering courses at the nation’s joint college. They come from myriad backgrounds and join EA to develop their professional soft skills including public speaking, networking, interpersonal communications and relationships, mentoring, teaching and volunteerism.


Meet Our Engineering Ambassadors

Carmen Veronica Perez Sosa headshot
Veronica Perez-Sosa
Elizabeth Ameyibor headshot
Elizabeth Ameyibor
Larry Connor Willis headshot
Connor Willis
Matthew Valdes headshot
Matthew Valdes

Congguang Stephen Chen headshot
Stephen Chen
Julius Walls headshot
Julius Walls
Laz Castano headshot
Lazaro Castano
Mitch Plaisir headshot
Mitch Plaisir

Da'Mari Clayton headshot
Da'Mari Clayton
Kimone George headshot
Kimone George
Madison Gilmore headshot
Madison Gilmore

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Developing Diverse Leaders Today; Inspiring Engineers for Tomorrow

The Engineering Ambassadors Network (EAN) is a collaboration of engineering and STEM organizations from universities and colleges across the United States. We are developing diverse leaders today by equipping and empowering university students with advanced communication and leadership training, so that they may share their passion and excitement about engineering and STEM with K-12 youth, the engineers of tomorrow. These talented and diverse students are known as Engineering Ambassadors (EA).

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering is a chapter of the Engineering Ambassadors Network national professional development organization for university students. Engineering Ambassadors complete training in leadership and communication and apply this skill set in outreach primarily to K-12 students. The goal is to create connections with these students, to inspire them to see the amazing opportunities in the engineering field. The EA’s approach to K-12 outreach is based on The National Academy of Engineering’s Changing the Conversation. Engineering Ambassadors deliver presentations on exciting STEM topics in local classrooms and at community events with engaging hands-on activities.

All Network programs are guided by four core values:

  1. Inclusivity: We create inclusive environments that support a diverse group of Ambassadors, focusing particularly on underrepresented students from a variety of engineering/STEM majors.
  2. Communication: Our Ambassadors become confident communicators through extensive communication and leadership training, and K-12 outreach.
  3. Connection: Our Ambassadors connect K-12 students to engineering and STEM using the NAE's Changing the Conversation messages. EAs are passionate about showing the next generation that engineering/STEM is for everyone.
  4. Engagement: Our programs engage and participate in the EAN through workshops and conferences, resource and data sharing, committee participation, and social media.

Learn more about the National Engineering Ambassadors Network


Influence the Future - Become an Engineering Ambassador!

The FAMU-FSU Engineering Ambassadors are part of the national Engineering Ambassadors Network. Are you interested in sharing the magic of engineering with these audiences and the public? Perhaps Engineering Ambassadors Network is for you! Learn more about the qualifications and selection process at the link below.

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