Mental Help for Engineering Students

I am feeling…fine?

Mental health matters! As Lisa Olivera said, “Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone.” Engineering students struggling with depression, anxiety, troubling thoughts or just feeling overwhelmed have free and convenient resources to help:


FAMU students 

Have access to FAMU’s in-person counselors on the main campus during office hours and self-directed help via the WellTrack website or app. To schedule a counseling session in the office, call (850) 599-3145. Students who would like to speak with a counselor after hours can do so free with WellConnect at (833) 848-1765.

Office of Counseling Services


FSU students 

Have access to FSU’s tele-mental health treatment options via Zoom (HIPAA link) as well as FSU’s after-hours crisis hotline. To initiate these services, just call 850-644-TALK(8255) during office hours (8-4 pm) for tele-mental health services, and at any other time for crisis services.

Counseling Center

Academic Center for Excellence

Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement


Reserve the Breakroom

breakroom sign

The Breakroom (B-226H) is a private space for students to take care of personal mental health needs—recharge, relax, and check in with yourself. You can use this private, quite space to talk with a trusted counselor virtually, practice self-care, pray, meditate, or just let your emotions out. Take advantage of privacy, mood lighting, USB and laptop charging, relaxing activities and emotional health tools. This isn't a place to study or socialize, but a space where you can be alone to take care of your mental health needs. It is open from 9 am – 5 pm on normal business days. Please reserve a 50-minute session at our Picktime site. Questions? Drop us a line.


Engineering Whole Humans wellness series

View our events and resources designed to help all of our engineering students with the life and self-care skills necessary to thrive at our “Engineering Whole Humans” page.