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Engineering Annual Research Report

Forward Momentum

Sealed and delivered

“We believe that the new proposed drug-loaded biomedical adhesives can be used to treat diseases and cancers that need the delivery of small molecule drugs. Because the drug can stay in a specific area or internal organ, many side effects can be prevented.” —H. CHUNG, BIOMEDICAL ENGINERING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR

The convergance of polarities

“We will combine the strengths ofsignificantly different technologies—solid state and mechanical— into a system that functions better overall than its individual components. The pieces of the system have to work together seamlessly within half a millisecond to achieve our goal.” —M. STEURER, ELECTRICAL ENGINERING RESEARCHER

Thin-skinned strength

By soaking buckypaper in a resin made of a compound called phenol, the team created a lightweight, flexible material that is also durable enough to protect the body of an aircraft from the intense heat it faces while flying at high speeds.

Numerous stats about the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
Numerous stats about the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering