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CCS Computing Facilities

Students at the College of Engineering have access to a large number and variety of computing resources, some specific to the college, others provided by our parent universities.

Thousands of computing devices are routinely connected to the College's local network, which is managed by Florida State University. These devices connect, via wire or wireless, to our internal gigabit fiber-optic backbone, which then provides connectivity to the Internet via FSU's robust network infrastructure. The college provides Virtual Private Network services to allow our users to access college services securely from other locations.

The College is home to numerous public workstations (Intel-compatible personal computers), some available 24 hours a day, which provide student access to important engineering applications used in the instructional and research activities of the college. The college's core server environment provides file, print and other services to our users, and our web presence to the world.

Most administrative computing services are provided centrally by Florida A&M and Florida State Universities.

Our research computing environment is extensive, including various flavors of Linux operating systems.

The college utilizes its own, dedicated Learning Management System (currently, Canvas) to enhance instruction for all students.

The college's classrooms are equipped for multimedia instructional delivery, typically including an instructor's computer, document camera, BluRay player, and other tools. A number of computer classrooms are available, which provide a computer at each seat.

A few classrooms with full distance-learning capability support Distance Learning and other remote collaboration. This includes remote delivery of classes to or from the Florida State University branch campus in Panama City, Florida. These rooms also support lecture capture and provide for asynchronous delivery of classes. For more information on computer accounts, visit our Distance Learning (ITV) webpage.

Telephone services, which are primarily based on a Voice over IP system, are managed by FSU.

Primary support for the college's computing facilities and services is provided by College Computing Services, which is a collaboration between the college and FSU Information Technology Services through its Information Technology Administration Partnership Program (ITAPP).

Updated 03/28/2019