Canvas for Students


For all questions and issues related to CoE Canvas, the appropriate first point of contact is CCS. Contact CCS at (850) 410-6446, or submit a request for service to CCS.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Canvas?  How do I login?

- FAMU students will log in through the FAMU Canvas at, using their FAMU username and password.

- FSU Students will log in through the FSU Canvas, using their FSU username and password.

If you are not able to log in, please contact CCS for assistance.


I cannot see my course on Canvas – Where is it?

There are two reasons why you might not see your course on Canvas.  Please contact CCS so Tamara can look into which of the two reasons below and help resolve the problem.

  1. The Canvas course has not been published fully by the instructor.  Until the course is set up and published none of the students enrolled in the course will be able to see any of the content.
  2. You have not been enrolled in the course.  Each university processes the enrollments of their students and there can be various issues with those enrollments.