CCS Mailing List Information

MARCOM in conjunction with CCS uses various email lists (also known as "listservs") to disseminate information to our community.

Primary Lists

MARCOM maintains a list of all current faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students and populates the corresponding mailing lists:

· - for undergraduate students

· - for graduate students

· - for staff members

· - for faculty members

These primary lists are used to communicate important information about our facilities, computing operations, administration and academics, to the target population.

All users are assigned to the appropriate list by MARCOM.

Only certain individuals are allowed to submit messages to be sent to these lists. A moderator or administrator reviews any messages from non-approved senders before they are distributed to list members.

To become an approved sender for these lists, contact MARCOM.

Secondary Lists

The College maintains many other more targeted mailing lists divided up by department and/or home university as well as lists for specific groups and functions. A complete list of mailing lists can be found at

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the primary and secondary departmental lists, please contact MARCOM

For inquiries regarding mailing lists for specific groups and functions, or for the creation of such a mailing list, please contact CCS