CCS Governance

Reporting Structure and Funding

Internal Structure

Within College Computing Systems (CCS), there are three levels of support/functional support areas:

  • Our First-Level team is the Response Center; this group handles initial customer response, including the CCS Front Desk, as well as basic maintenance of computer labs and printers. This group is also responsible for support of the college's Learning Management system and all of its associated features.
  • Our Second-Level team is Workstation/Classroom Support; this group provides the primary support for the college's computers and the people who use them. This group also has primary responsibility for classroom technology support, from design to implementation to troubleshooting and everything in between.
  • Our Third-Level group is Systems/Services Management; this group manages our college server platforms (in conjunction with FSU-ITS), and provides significant customer support around the use of servers and centralized IT services. This group also participates in major projects and advanced support activities across all dimensions of college computing.

Even though we have three support areas, CCS functions as a single team, with considerable overlap between the areas.


CCS represents a partnership between the College of Engineering and FSU's Information Technology Services (FSU-ITS), via the Information Technology Administration Partnership Program, or ITAPP. The Director of CCS (IT Director) reports directly to the ITAPP Associate Director, and on a dotted line to the Dean of Engineering.

As a member of ITAPP, CCS works closely with various FSU-ITS resources to meet college needs and obtain valuable advice and counsel. (Of course, CCS also works with FAMU-ITS as appropriate.)

For more information about ITAPP, please see


CCS includes employees who are compensated through either FAMU or FSU, and who are funded by either joint college funds or additional funding provided by the universities. Some employees are placed organizationally within Information Technology Services, others within the college.

The budget for CCS is managed by the college. Our primary funding allocation is from the college's Education & General budget. Additional funding is made available from other sources, including FAMU funds provided to the college. CCS also obtains 

College Committees Related to IT

College IT Committee

The college Information Technology Committee (ITC) provides an advisory body to college administration and the IT Director concerning IT matters across all aspects of college activity.  The ITC provides a voice for departments into IT strategy and policy, and a place for major IT initiatives to be communicated and discussed.  Departmental IT needs may be considered with an eye to finding common approaches and solutions across the college. The ITC is informed on IT budgets, and provides feedback and advocacy for IT funding decisions. The ITC is composed of one representative from each academic department. The ITC meets infrequently.


Another committee that provides input and guidance to CCS is the Faculty Working Group (FWG) of the Center for Academic Innovation and Technology (CAIT), a cooperative venture between CCS and the college Office of Faculty Affairs. FWG works to support the enhancement of pedagogy, technology and training within the teaching/learning process at the college. CCS works with FWG to explore new educational technology and to provide faculty training on our existing technology. FWG also serves as an advisory group to CCS regarding educational technology and related matters. The CAIT FWG meets several times each year, and offers faculty seminars a few times each quarter.