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CCS New Email Alias

The NEW Email Domain for the College of Engineering...

Emphasizing the Unique Partnership between FAMU and FSU

What is happening?

We will be creating a new primary email address (alias) for all Engineering faculty and staff, in the email domain eng.famu.fsu.edu.  This is NOT a new email account, as the new address will be directly linked to the existing FSU email account.

As an example:

Why are we doing this?

Since our e-mail and web addresses are operated by FSU, we have been unintentionally sending a message to the outside world (eng.fsu.edu) that does not represent our partnership. The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering is implementing a new email address for our faculty and staff, associated with the eng.famu.fsu.edu domain.  This new domain makes visible the joint nature of our College, by incorporating both FAMU and FSU in the address.

What does it mean for my email?

FSU Information Technology Services will set up the eng.famu.fsu.edu email address for all of our faculty and staff, and connect it to our existing FSU mailboxes so that any emails you send via FSU will come from the new domain. This will happen before the end of the calendar year.

FAMU staff and faculty must use their FSU e-mail to share the features of our new e-mail address.  It is easy to set-up, if you wish, automatic mail forwarding from your FAMU address to your FSU address, indeed this is recommended (but optional) for all our faculty and staff who possess an address at both institutions.

Any e-mail sent to your old addresses will automatically be forwarded for the indefinite future.

What must I do to make this change?

The changes required depend on the specific email client(s) you use.

In almost all cases, Microsoft Outlook will require NO manual changes – it will just pick up the new address and everything will work just as intended.

For Mozilla Thunderbird users, there will typically be a small change required to reflect the new email address (in Tools -> Account Settings -> Email Address, change your address to your new @eng.famu.fsu.edu address).   However, your should not have to make a change to receive your emails  at the new address.

Various phone/tablet email clients may need adjustments to the account settings.  Please contact CMS if you have any questions.

Note the FSU Webmail (Office 365) will not require any manual changes either, it will automatically pick up the new address.

How can I tell if I have been converted successfully?

The main evidence of your conversion is what your outgoing emails report as your return address. So, when you send an email to someone – including yourself – it should appear that it is coming from, and yoiur return address should be, your eng.famu.fsu.edu address.

In Webmail (Office 365), if you click on the "person" symbol in the top right corner, it will report your official return address, which should be your eng.famu.fsu.edu address.

How will this impact mailing lists and group aliases?

The first phase of the new alias implementation will not include College mailing lists and most group aliases (a select few group aliases will receive new eng.famu.fsu.edu addresses in the first phase). These addresses will remain as eng.fsu.edu addresses for the immediate future; stay tuned for future announcements regarding these addresses.

For those who are authorized to send emails to our mailing lists, we plan to make your eng.famu.fsu.edu address authorized to send to the lists where you currently use eng.fsu.edu or fsu.edu addresses; should you have a message held for approval, it is likely because we did not get your new address set up correctly, and we will be pleased to fix it for you.

Are there any other addresses not being "converted" now?

We have tried to include every individual users’ address in the conversion list. However, it is possible we missed someone, or misidentified an address as being dormant. We will be on the lookout for non-converted addresses that are still active, and we encourage you to let us know if you suspect your new address is not working.

What else should I know?

We will be requiring that all business cards and stationery at the college use the eng.famu.fsu.edu address as soon as practical.

If you would like to change your email alias to be something other than your current Engineering ID, contact CMS.

updated 12/2016