College Email Alias

The Email Domain for the College of Engineering...

...Is designed to emphasize the Unique Partnership between FAMU and FSU

When a new employee joins the college, we create for them a new primary email address (alias) in the email domain  This is NOT a new email account, as the new address will be directly linked to the employee's existing FSU email account.

By DEFAULT, we will use the same "first part" of the email address as you have for your address (typically the same as your FSUID). (Previously, we used the user's Engineering ID as the default.) However, if you prefer a different address -- perhaps your first initial and last name, or first name DOT last name -- just let CCS know and we can request that instead.

As an example:

  • User Samara Smith has FSUID sssmith2. 
  • Her existing FSU email address is
  • She requests her email address to start with sam.smith.
  • Her new address will be
  • She will continue to log in to her FSU email with ID sssmith2.

What does it mean for my email?

Based on our request, FSU Information Technology Services will set up the email address for all of our faculty and staff, and connect it to our existing FSU mailboxes so that any emails you send via FSU will come from the new domain. 

FAMU staff and faculty must use their FSU e-mail to share the features of our new e-mail address -- all our FAMU employees should have a Courtesy Appointment at FSU, which will include FSU email.  

It is easy to set-up, if you wish, automatic mail forwarding from your FAMU address to your FSU address, indeed this is recommended (but optional) for all our faculty and staff who possess an address at both institutions.

What must I do to use my new alias?

In almost all cases, Microsoft Outlook (including webmail) will require NO manual changes – it will just pick up the new address and everything will work just as intended.

If you use a different email client, you may need to manually configure it to use the new alias. Please contact CCS if you have any questions.

Of course, you should be sure to use the new alias on your email signature and in other places where you provide an email address.

How can I tell if I am set up correctly?

The main evidence of your conversion is what your outgoing emails report as your return address. So, when you send an email to someone – including yourself – it should appear that it is coming from, and your return address should show as, your address.

In Webmail (Office 365), if you click on the "person" symbol in the top right corner, it will report your official return address, which should be your address.

What else should I know?

The college requires that all business cards and stationery at the college use the address as soon as practical.

If you previously had an "old-style" Engineering email address, with the domain, you should still receive any messages sent there (in your FSU email account). However, please do not use this address!

updated 06/2022