IT Procurement Process

All IT Procurement at the College of Engineering follows the process described below.

University policies require all units to properly account for and manage all Information Technology resources, to maintain overall information security and assure compatibility.

To improve our compliance with these policies, the college utilizes this IT Procurement Process. At the heart of this process is a new IT Procurement Request Form. This form will streamline IT procurement by assuring that all necessary data is collected efficiently.


The Basics

To obtain any computing hardware, software, or related services from an outside resource, the requester will complete the IT Procurement Request Form. This Qualtrics form collects data necessary to expedite the order.

When completed, the form will be routed to College Computing Services (CCS). Within CCS, Katie Swenson, the college's IT Procurement Specialist, along with other members of the CCS team, will review the data and assure that appropriate processing is initiated.

CCS will submit purchase requisitions and receive the goods; as appropriate, CCS will review specifications, gather quotes, work issues with university procurement units and vendors -- and, of course, provide configuration and installation services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What purchases are included in this process?

ALL Information Technology purchases at the college are to utilize this process, no matter the funding source. This includes all computer hardware (desktops, laptops, peripherals) and software, plus any external support/maintenance/services agreements related to IT.

Examples of items to be included in the process: computers, computer monitors, keyboards/mice/trackpads, computer speakers, data storage devices/disk drives, uninterruptable power supplies intended for use with computers, cables intended for use with computers, webcams and video conferencing devices, all computer software, computer maintenance/services. (These are examples and not an all-inclusive list -- if in doubt, please utilize the process.)

What about "Free" Software?

Yes, this includes any "free" software that requires any sort of agreement (contract, EULA, etc.). Such agreements must go through university approvals AND the software must be made known to CCS for security and tracking purposes. The IT Procurement Process will cover these requirements.

Who pays for the purchase?

Generally, funding comes from the requester/department/person who will benefit from the resources. The form asks for the necessary budget information.

Who places the order?

Katie Swenson is the college's IT Procurement Specialist. She submits requisitions for all IT-related goods for the college. She is also responsible for receiving the goods.

What happens after my order is received?

Once Katie receives the goods, the CCS team will assure that any required preparation/installation services are performed.

How long will this take?

CCS commits to ACKNOWLEDGE all IT Procurement requests within three (3) business days. At that point, we will set an expectation for what will happen next and provide our best estimate for when orders can be placed, etc.

Keep in mind that procurement involves many moving parts, most outside of the control of CCS or the college. We will do our best to move the process along as quickly as we can -- and we commit to keeping the requester informed as things move along.

What if I need help determining what to buy?

CCS is here for you! We are pleased to take your requirements and determine appropriate solutions. We will generally want to have a conversation with you to review your needs, but we will gladly obtain a quote for you and (upon your approval) move forward with the order.

What if I know exactly what to buy?

Sometimes, you know the specific item you need... if so, just tell us on the form! CCS will review the item to assure it fits in our infrastructure and otherwise meets university/college standards and guidelines; if we find any concerns, we will discuss them with you before ordering.

What happens if a change order is needed for my PO?

PO “maintenance” should be handled by the requester/department. We handle the initial order and receiving, but typically, if you need to change funding, cancel an item, etc, that would be for the department/requester to handle. You are always welcome to reach out to Katie with any questions or concerns.

What is this extra fee my budget was charged after buying a computer?

FSU charges a software fee (as of this writing, $235) for each computer purchased (with very few exceptions). If the original purchase is with FSU funds, the fee will be charged automatically to the same budget/fund used to purchase the computer; however, the fee is not charged immediately, it can be delayed by many weeks. 


If your question is not answered here...

please reach out to Katie Swenson at (850) 410-6604 or


updated 04/2023