CCS Canvas Training and Other Resources

The following resources are available to assist you with various features and capabilities of the Canvas LMS infrastructure, and the practical issues involved with supporting remote instruction.

Canvas Based Materials

CCS provides two Canvas courses for instructors (Faculty and Teaching Assistants).

Faculty Preparation for Remote Instruction: Growing with Canvas

This course is REQUIRED for all faculty who are teaching courses, and highly recommended for all Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Growing with Canvas, based on material originally provided by Instructure (the parent of Canvas) and updated by FAMU OIT, has been tailored by CCS for the specific Canvas infrastructure of our college.

This is a self-paced course, including various assignments and quizzes, designed to assure that all key areas of Canvas, along with critical add-on tools, are introduced.  The course also introduces the Quality Matters (QM) standards that apply to remote and online instruction.  The course serves as an example for remote instruction, utilizing readings, short videos, and various “active” learning approaches.

NOTE: Those who have already completed this course are not required to take it again.  Also, those who have completed the similar course offered by FAMU OIT do not have to take this course.  Contact the college’s Office of Faculty Affairs for any questions about who is required to complete the course.

Canvas Instructor Training: Canvas 101 for Instructors

Adapted from material produced by Instructure (the parent of Canvas) and influenced by a similar offering from FSU ODL, this course has been adapted by CCS to ft our college’s Canvas infrastructure.  It is designed as a self-paced, self-directed overview of many key elements of the Canvas infrastructure.  It covers much of the same material as the Growing with Canvas course, but does not include exercises.  There are brief quizzes at the end of each module.  The instructor-student may pick-and-choose the modules to take within this course, making it particularly useful for brushing up on a particular topic. 

This course will be updated regularly, as Canvas additions/changes are implemented, so we recommend that instructors access the course at least once a year to see what's new.


To register for either of these Canvas courses, contact CCS.


Engineering Web Documents

Be sure to check out the range of available documentation for Canvas and related tools on the CCS web site under Learning Management.


Other Resources

Additional training and documentation resources are available from FAMU's Office of Instructional Technology, FSU's Office of Distance Learning, and various other sources.

Check back here for additional links, coming soon!


For more training information, or for one-on-one assistance, contact CCS.