Honorlock Proctoring

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Remote Proctoring solution is currently being reassessed. Honorlock as described below is not available. Please contact CCS for the latest information on available Remote Proctoring options.

This page contains information about the Honorlock tool, used with Canvas to provide remote proctoring support. 

System requirements for all users:

  • One-time installation of a Chrome browser extension (The system will guide you through this simple step.)

  • A webcam


Honorlock Security and Privacy FAQ


Is Honorlock down? Check the Honorlock status page to find out.


For Students

With your instructor's permission, this service can be used for exams that were scheduled in the Testing Center, at remote physical proctor locations, using Examity, or certain in-class exams. This service is offered at no charge to COE students.

Once your instructor informs you that a Canvas Quiz is available and is proctored by Honorlock, begin by reviewing the Exam Guidelines so you can prepare your testing location (Important: Your instructor may provide additional guidelines, so check your Canvas course site.).

When you are ready to take the exam, see Getting Started With Honorlock and/or view the brief videos below.

How-to Videos:

Note that there is always a live chat link in the Honorlock system, so feel free to ask questions there! You can also visit Honorlock Support for 24/7/365 support, to test your system, and troubleshoot problems.


Frequently Answered Questions

What do I need to know before taking my exam?

Ensure your computer is charged and has a strong internet connection. You can check your system at honorlock.com/support. Make sure to use Google Chrome when you log in to take your test. We recommend students take their exam in a quiet private location to limit potential flags and distractions.

Why do I need a photo ID? What forms of ID are acceptable?

We verify the photo and name on your ID to ensure you are the correct test taker. You can use any government issued (i.e. driver license, passport) or a student ID that has your photo.

What if something goes wrong during my exam?

Don’t worry, Honorlock offers technical support 24/7 to assist students before, during, and after their proctored tests. If you need any assistance, contact our support agents by live chat.

Why am I being prompted for an access code?

If you are being prompted for an access code you are most likely not in Google Chrome or you do not have the Honorlock Chrome Extension.

What is the Honorlock Chrome browser extension?

The Honorlock extension is a small program that modifies the Chrome web browser and not your computer. Nothing is installed on the computer. Students can remove the Honorlock Chrome extension as soon as their exam is submitted.

What equipment is needed?

You will need to have a working webcam, microphone, and either a laptop or desktop computer. Integrated or external USB will both work.

How is my privacy protected?

Honorlock is FERPA compliant and uses securely encrypted protocols to save and view all test taker assets. Honorlock's certified proctors and your institution's faculty are able to review test session videos until deleted based on the school's retention policy.

What about accessibility and students with special needs?

Honorlock is VPAT certified and fully accessible to students with special needs. Additionally, Honorlock works with screen readers if needed.

Does Honorlock determine who is cheating?

No. Honorlock simply reports back possible incidents. Ultimately, your instructor determines if cheating occurred by viewing the video recording.


For Instructors

Quiz Preparation:

Create your assessment as a Canvas Quiz as you normally would. (If needed, see these tips for converting paper exams into Canvas from FSU-ODL and Canvas.)

Important: do not enter or modify the code that Honorlock places in the Canvas "access code" box. This is automatically populated by Honorlock and is used to control access to the exam by the automated proctoring system.

Once your assessment is created, see the following resources for using Honorlock.

Text tutorials with screenshots:

Brief video guides on YouTube:

Viewing Exam Recordings (all Instructors):

All instructors should view the exam recordings directly and check for activity flags that may indicate academic misconduct. See this one-minute video for an overview of the simple process and the View Results Guide for instructions on how to navigate recorded student sessions.

For help specifically with Honorlock, email support@honorlock.com. There is also a live-chat option in the Honorlock interface within Canvas, or you can visit their support web page. If you need additional assistance or have further questions, please contact CCS.