The Process - What to Expect?

So, what actually happens with this migration? Let’s look at three aspects of the migration process and program.

Overall Timeline – Start to Finish

Really, we started this migration long ago… we have been planning aspects of this process since 2019, and we migrated the first machines to AD in 2020. But, the “main event” started in June 2021.

Throughout the last half of 2021 and into 2022, we have been migrating computers to AD on an ongoing basis as our workload allowed.

During much of 2022 (and on into 2023) we will be migrating computers to AD at a faster rate, with the hope to "complete" the process by the spring of 2023.

Selection Process – Who Is Migrated When?

When will I be migrated? That depends:

  • If you are prepared to migrate, we would be pleased to accept you as a volunteer at almost any time – just contact CCS and we will get you on the list!
  • We have already migrated staff and faculty computers across the college, with an eye to involve all departments/offices and a broad cross-section of users.
  • We are working systematically through the remaining computers/users. We will schedule these migrations so that they are spread out across departments.

Individual Migration – What Happens?

Leading up to the day of your migration, we will contact you, schedule a definite time for the work, and collect important information we need to migrate you successfully. The following describes the typical arrangements (some special situations may differ):

On the day of your migration, we will pick up your computer during the pre-arranged time window, and bring it to CCS. There, we will completely reinstall the operating system (your drive will be wiped), and install all software we have previously discussed with you.

This means that you will be without your computer for a few hours – the exact length of time depends on your specific computer/software, but it will generally be between three and six hours. We will let you know what to expect BEFORE we take your computer.

Once we have your computer ready, we will return it to you during the pre-arranged time window. We will hook everything up, perform any last-minute configuration, then have you log in and make sure you can access your files and key software.

You must be present for the return of your computer.

Do I Have Any Say in the Schedule?

You do:

  • If you want to have the most control on timing, contact CCS and volunteer to be an early adopter – we will work with you to fit your schedule for an earlier migration.
  • If you are not ready to go sooner, then, when CCS contacts you may choose to migrate then (and we hope you will), or delay until a more convenient time.
  • Later in 2022, we will be "pushing" migrations -- but we will work with you to schedule a specific date (or date range) that meets your needs.

Our hope is to complete the migrations by the end of 2022, but hitting this target depends on many factors.

Please understand, migration to AD is NOT OPTIONAL -- all appropriate computers must ultimately migrate to AD, or there must be a documented, valid justification (approved by the Dean) for an exception.