CCS Service Catalog - Communication and Collaboration

This page will be updated/expanded over time


Collaboration and Document Sharing 

FSU Dropbox File Transfer Service 

Microsoft OneDrive for Business 

Microsoft Teams 

Office 365 

SharePoint Online Collaboration Service 


Telephone Conferencing (OpenVoice) 

Web Conferencing (GoToMeeting) 

Web Conferencing (Zoom)

X.264 Services (Polycom)

Distance Learning Studios


Departmental Online Directory 

Employee Online Directory 

Forms and Data Collection Tools

Online Forms (Microsoft Forms) 

Online Forms/Surveys (Qualtrix) 

Mass Email / Email Distribution

Mailing List/Listserv 

College Newsletters

Email Marketing Services

Telephone Services 

Cellular Phones 

Phone Lines 

Soft Phones 

Web Services 

Events Calendar 

College Website 

Faculty Official Web Pages

Individual Self-Managed Web Pages


Special Web Sites for Groups