Online Proctoring Guide for Honorlock Exams

During the period when courses are being conducted online, if you have been unable to replace proctored exams with alternative assessment strategies, you may be able to use the Honorlock Canvas tool to help maintain academic integrity for your exams in Canvas.

Honorlock Security and Privacy FAQ 

Is Honorlock down? Check the Honorlock status page to find out.

System Requirements for all Instructors and Students:

  • A laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet)

  • Google Chrome browser (make sure you have third party cookies enabled)

  • One-time installation of a Chrome browser extension (The system will guide you through this simple step.)

  • For students taking exams only: A webcam


See our  detailed instructions and information for using Honorlock.


Quiz Preparation:

Create your assessment as a Canvas Quiz as you normally would. (If needed, see these tips for converting paper exams into Canvas from FSU-ODL and Canvas.)

Important: do not enter or modify the code that Honorlock places in the Canvas "access code" box. This is automatically populated by Honorlock and is used to control access to the exam by the automated proctoring system.

Once your assessment is created, see the following resources for using Honorlock.

Text tutorials with screenshots:

Brief video guides on YouTube:

Viewing Exam Recordings (all Instructors):

All instructors should view the exam recordings directly and check for activity flags that may indicate academic misconduct. See this one-minute video for an overview of the simple process and the View Results Guide for instructions on how to navigate recorded student sessions.

For help specifically with Honorlock, email There is also a live-chat option in the Honorlock interface within Canvas, or you can visit their support web page. If you need additional assistance or have further questions, please contact CCS.