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ECE Faculty Directory

Jerome Barnes, Ph.D.

Assistant in Engineering

Shonda Bernadin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Geoffrey Brooks, Ph.D.

Associate in Engineering

Peter Cheetham

Research Faculty I

Oscar Chuy, Jr., Ph.D.

Teaching Faculty 1

Omar Faruque, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Walid Hadi, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor

Bruce Harvey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Md. Shafiul Islam, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor

Jerris Hooker, Ph.D.

Teaching Faculty II

Bing Kwan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Yuan Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Roger McGinnis, Ph.D.

Courtesy Professor & Director, Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS)

Jinyeong Moon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Babak Noroozi, Ph.D.

Teaching Faculty I

Fang Peng, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor in Engineering

Michael "Mischa" Steurer, Ph.D.

Courtesy Professor, Research Faculty III

Leonard Tung, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Mark Weatherspoon, Ph.D.

Professor & Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Jim Zheng, Ph.D.

Sprint Eminent Scholar Chair & Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Emeritus Professors


Donte Ford

Senior Teaching Lab Specialist / Manager

Melissa Jackson

Coordinator of Academic Programs

Alexandria Lindsay

Office Assistant

Shanna Rich

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

La Verne Thomas

Office Administrator