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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Curriculum

All candidates for the bachelor of science (BS) degree in electrical engineering (EE) are required to complete a total of 128 semester hours of credit including twenty-one (21) semester hours of general studies courses, forty-three (43) hours of engineering core courses, forty-two (42) semester hours of required electrical engineering courses, ten (10) semester hours of technical electives, and twelve (12) hours of Tier II electives. A student prepared to enroll in MAC-2311 Calculus I upon matriculation can complete the degree program in 4 and 1/2 academic years if they follow the EE Suggested Course Sequence. Students should also review ECE departmental policies and procedures.

General Studies Requirements (21 Semester Hours)

Students must satisfy the General Education (FAMU) or Liberal Studies (FSU) requirements of their home university. In general, all students require six (6) semester credit hours of English and fifteen (15) semester credit hours of humanities, social sciences, and general education elective beyond the engineering core and required electrical engineering courses below. However, students are responsible for confirming with their advisor they will satisfy all general studies requirements including CLAST (FAMU and FSU), Gordon Written Work (FAMU and FSU), Oral Competency (FSU), Literature (FSU), and Multicultural (FSU) requirements.

Engineering Core Requirements (43 Semester Hours)

Students must complete forty-three (43) semester hours of engineering core courses including basic science and mathematics. The courses shown in Table I are required.

Table I. Engineering Core Required Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Total Engineering Core 43
CHM 1045 General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1045L General Chemistry I Lab 1
PHY 2048C
PHY 2048 & PHY 2048L
General Physics I w/Lab 5
PHY 2049C
PHY 2049 & PHY 2049L
General Physics II w/Lab 5
MAC 2311 Calculus I 4
MAC 2312 Calculus II 4
MAC 2313 Calculus III 5
MAP 2302 Differential Equations 3
MAS 3105 Applied Linear Algebra 3 (FAMU)
4 (FSU)
Subtotal Mathematics and Basics Sciences 33 (FAMU)
34 (FSU)
EGM 3512 Engineering Mechanics 4
EML 3100 Thermodynamics 2
COP 3014C (FAMU)
COP 3014 (FSU)
Fundamentals of Programming (FAMU)
Programming I (FSU)
Subtotal non-ECE Engineering Core 10 (FAMU)
9 (FSU)

Required Electrical Engineering (42 Semester Hours)

Each student is required to complete forty-two (42) semester hours of required electrical engineering courses. This includes six (6) hours of required electrical engineering laboratory. The courses shown in Table II are required electrical engineering courses.

Table II. Required Electrical Engineering Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Total Required Electrical Engineering 42
EEL 3002L ECE Engineering Tools Lab 2
EEL 3111 Introduction to Circuit Analysis 3
EEL 3112 Advanced Circuits with Computers 3
EEL 3112L Advanced Circuits with Computers Lab 1
EEL 3135 Signal and Linear Systems Analysis 3
EEE 3300 Electronics 3
EEE 3300L Electronics Laboratory 1
EEL 3472 Electromagnetic Fields I 3
EEL 3705 Digital Logic Design 3
EEL 3705L Digital Logic Design Laboratory 1
EEL 3927 Engineering Design Concepts 3
EEL 4021 Statistical Topics for Electrical Engineers 3
EEL 4515 Digital Communication Systems 3
EEL 4746 Microprocessor Based System Design 3
EEL 4746L Microprocessor Based System Design Lab 1
EEL 4911C Senior Design Project I 3
EEL 4915C Electrical Engineering Senior Design Project II 3

Tier II Electrical Engineering Electives (12 Semester Hours)

All electrical engineering majors are required to complete four of the following six EE Tier-II Electives (12 semester hours).

Table III. Electrical Engineering Tier-II Electives

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Total Required Tier II 12
EEL 3216 (Fall) Fundamentals of Power Systems 3
EEL 3473 (Fall) Electromagnetic Fields II 3
EEE 4301 (Spring) Electronic Circuits and Systems Design 3
EEE 4510 (Fall) Digital Signal Processing 3
EEL 4652 (Spring) Analysis and Design of Control Systems 3
EEL 4710 (Fall, Spring) Field Programmable Logic Devices (lab required) 3

Electrical Engineering Technical Electives (10 Semester Hours)

Degree candidates for the BS in electrical engineering must complete ten (10) semester credit hours of technical electives. Six (6) semester credit hours must be electrical and computer engineering (ECE) technical electives. Any EEL or EEE prefixed course which is not required is considered an ECE technical elective with the exception of EEL 3003/L. Three (3) semester hours may be a non-ECE OR ECE technical electives. A non-ECE technical elective must be selected from a list of departmentally approved non-ECE courses. Courses not on the list may be taken with prior approval of the department chair. One (1) semester hour of technical electives must be an ECE elective laboratory.

Table IV. Electrical Engineering Elective Labs

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
Total Required EE Elective Labs 1
EEE 4301L (Fall) Advanced Electronics Lab 1
EEL 4435L (Spring) Electromagnetics Lab 1
EEL 4217L (Spring) Power Systems Lab 1
EEL 4710L (Fall, Spring) Introduction to VHDL Lab 1
EEL 4742L (Fall, Spring) Advanced Microprocessors Lab 1