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A very tiny computer chip

ECE Research - Computer Engineering

Faculty: Drs. Linda DeBrunner, Uwe Meyer-Baese, Reginald Perry and Ming Yu

Research Focus Areas

  • Digital signal processing with FPGAs, VHDL, obfuscation in C, VHLD, and Verilog, C2H on DE2, LISA RISC, CSE, and SMAG
  • Improving the key performance indexes (KPI) of both wired and wireless networks
  • Applications to various cyber-physical systems (CPS)Estimating bridge displacement.
  • Communication networks for intelligent transportation systems (ITS).
  • Smart grids communications for power distribution systems
  • Rapid prototyping using field-programmable logic devices
  • CMOS based optoelectronics
  • Engineering education

Research Projects

  • Low power digital signal processing implementations
  • Designing multipliers for digital signal processing algorithms
  • Estimating bridge displacement.