ECE Research - Energy

ece energy

Faculty: Simon Foo and Hui Li

Faculties in our Department are doing research on photovoltaics and energy storage systems such as batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. Most of the faculties working in the energy are affiliated with the Aero-propulsion, Mechatronics, and Energy (AME) Center.


Research Focus Areas

  • Design and demonstration of a new class of electrochemical (EC) capacitors with the energy density being comparable to advanced rechargeable batteries.

  • Development of a low-cost and high-efficiency 500 W Portable PEMFC System.

  • Investigating the capacity degradation in rechargeable batteries. 

  • Development of some critical issues for high energy and power densities, and good lifespan of Li-air batteries.

  • Theoretical and computational study of energy storage and power devices.