ECE Research - Power

ece power

Faculty: Omar Faruque and Hui Li

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department does research on a variety of topics in power electronics, power systems, and motors. Most of the faculties working in the power area are affiliated with the Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) and are working on a wide range of applications covering modeling, simulations, prototype design, and device testing. You can find more details on each faculty website.

Research Focus Areas

  • Distributed generation integration and their impacts on power systems

  • Monitoring and control of bulk power system

  • System reaction to new component characteristics

  • New component specifications for improved system performance

  • Develop an advanced modeling and simulation capability

  • Provide the experimental capability needed to validate models

  • Support the technology base through selected system driven basic research in materials, components, and command & control

Research Projects

  • Application of Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIP) simulation for studying system interactions in the areas of FACTS, HVDC, electric drive, electric ship technology, renewable energy/distributed generation and other areas of power electronics application in power systems.

  • Modeling, simulation and experimental validation of power systems and their controllers using various real-time simulators such as RT-LAB simulator (from OPAL-RT Inc.) and RTDS (from RTDS Technology Inc.)

  • Develop innovative technologies of PV converters with WBG devices integration to achieve high performance operation, cost reduction and reliability improvement competitive with current PV converters.