Polymers and Complex Fluids

Faculty: Drs. Rufina AlamoNatalie ArnettHoyong ChungDaniel Hallinan Jr., Leonardo LiuHadi MohammadigoushkiSubramanian Ramakrishnan, Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy and Ralm Ricarte

The study of polymers and complex fluids is an active area of research within our department and is tightly interwoven with other areas. Topics of current interest include thermodynamic modeling of gelation and crystallization of nanoparticles in a variety of complex fluids, rheology of polymers and colloids, structure-property-processing relationships in polymers and composites.

Our faculty and students benefit greatly from collaborations with researchers in other departments such as Chemistry, Industrial and Mechanical EngineeringSchool of Computational Science, and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.