Z. Leonardo Liu, Ph.D.

Dr. Z. Leonardo Liu
Assistant Professor
Building A, Room 164
Educational History
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2020
Research Interests
Complex Fluids
Biofluid mechanics
Thrombosis and Hemostasis
Medical Devices
Multiscale Modeling
Artificial Intelligence

Multiple openings for Ph.D. students and one opening for the postdoctoral fellow are available in the Liu research group starting Fall 2022 or Spring/Fall 2023. Interested students or researchers are encouraged to contact Dr. Liu via email (leo.liu@eng.famu.fsu.edu). The vacancy will remain open until filled.

Selected Journal Articles

Z. L. Liu, C. Bresette, C. K. Aidun and D. N. Ku, SIPA in 10 milliseconds: VWF tentacles agglomerate and capture platelets under high shear, Blood Advances, 6 (8): 2453–2465; 2022.

Z. L. Liu, Y. Qiang, H. Li, P. Buffet, M. Dao and G. E. Karniadakis, Computational modeling of biomechanics and biorheology of heated red blood cells, Biophysical Journal, 120(21), 4663-4671; 2021.

Z. L. Liu, C. K. Aidun, D. N. Ku, Mechanobiology of shear-induced platelet aggregation: A multiscale in silico analysis, Journal of Biomechanics, 110349; 2021.

Z. L. Liu, J. R. Clausen, R. R. Rao, C. K. Aidun, Nanoparticle diffusion in sheared cellular blood flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 871, 636–667, 2019.

D. Kim*, C. Bresette*, Z. L. Liu*, D. N. Ku, Occlusive thrombosis in arteries, APL Bioengineering, 3, (4), 041502, 2019.

Z. L. Liu, J. R. Clausen, R. R. Rao, C. K. Aidun, A unified analysis of nano-to-microscale particle dispersion in tubular blood flow, Physics of Fluids, 3, (4), 041502, 2019.

M. T. Griffin, Y. Zhu, Z. L. Liu, C. K. Aidun, D. N. Ku, Inhibition of high shear arterial thrombosis by charged nanoparticles, Biomicrofluidics, 12 (4), 042210, 2018.

F. Ahmed, M. Mehrabadi, Z. L. Liu, G.A. Barabino, C.K. Aidun, Internal viscosity dependent margination of red blood cells in microfluidic channels, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 140 (6), 061013, 2018.