Hadi Mohammadigoushki, Ph.D.

Hadi Mohammadigoushki headshot
Associate Professor
Building B, Room B336
Educational History
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley, 2016
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada, 2014
Research Interests
Rheology and Flow-Induced Instabilities of Complex Fluids
Locomotion in Complex Environments
NMR Spectroscopy
Interfacial Science
Awards, Honors, and Memberships

2021 Nominated for Outstanding Teaching Award, Florida State University

2020 CAREER award, National Science Foundation

2013 John Grace Graduate Award, University of British Columbia, Canada

Professional Memberships

Society of Rheology

APS Fluid Dynamics Division

American Institute for Chemical Engineers

Selected peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Rassolov, P., Scigliani, A., Mohammadigoushki, H.*, " Kinetics of Shear Banding Flow Formation in Linear and Branched Wormlike Micelles", In press Soft Matter (2022)

Wu, S., Solano, T, Shoele, K. Mohammadigoushki, H.*, "Formation of a Strong Negative Wake Behind a Helical Swimmer in Viscoelastic Fluids", Journal of Fluid Mechanics 942, (2022)

Holder, S., Grant, S. C., Mohammadigoushki, H.*, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Diffusometry of Linear and Branched Wormlike Micelles", Langmuir 37(12), 3585-3596 (2021)

Rothstein, J. P., Mohammadigoushki, H.*, "Invited Review: Complex Flows of Viscoelastic Wormlike Micelle Solutions.", J. Non-Newtonian. Fluid Mech. 285,104382, (2020)

Mohammadigoushki, H.*, Dalili, A., Zhou, L., Cook, P. "Transient Evolution of Flow Profiles in a Shear Banding Wormlike Micellar Solution: Experimental Results and a Comparison with the VCM Model", Soft Matter 15, 5483, (2019).

Wu, S., Mohammadigoushki, H.*, "Flow of wormlike micellar solutions past a sphere: role of micellar relaxation spectrum and gradients in micellar extensions" J. Rheol. 62, 1061 (2018).

Mohammadigoushki, H., and Muller, S. J., "A flow visualization and superposition rheology study of shear-banding wormlike micelle solutions" Soft Matter, 12(4):1051-61 (2016)

Mohammadigoushki, H. and Feng, J. J., "Size segregation in sheared two-dimensional polydisperse foam." Langmuir 29, 1370-1378 (2013).

Mohammadigoushki, H. & Feng, J. J., "Size-differentiated lateral migration of bubbles in Couette flow of two-dimensional foam". Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 084502 (2012)