CBE PhD Degree Program Descriptions

Ph.D. Descriptions

Fifty-seven (57) semester hours are required for the Ph.D. degree in ChE as follows:

  1. Fifteen (15) semester hours of ChE core graduate courses
  2. Fifteen (15) semester hours of approved graduate electives
  3. Twenty-seven (27) semester hours of ECH 6980, Dissertation
  4. Successful completion of ECH 8965, Doctoral Preliminary Exam (0) (P/F grade only)
  5. Successful defense of an oral and written dissertation - ECH 8985, Dissertation Defense (0) (P/F grade only)
  6. Registration and attendance at all departmental seminars - ECH 5935, Chemical Engineering Seminar (0)

Required Chemical Engineering Core Graduate Courses (fifteen [15] semester hours):

  • ECH 5052 - Research Methods in Chemical Engineering (3)
  • ECH 5126 - Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I (3)
  • ECH 5261 - Advanced Transport Phenomena I (3)
  • ECH 5840 - Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics I (3)
  • ECH 5852 - Advanced Chemical Engineering Computations (3)

Chemical Engineering Graduate Electives (fifteen [15] semester hours):

Minimum 6 semester hours are required to be in the chemical engineering major elective courses list. Students should consult with their faculty advisor to determine the elective courses offered by the department. Typical chemical engineering major elective courses:

  • ECH 5262 - Advanced Transport Phenomena II (3)
  • ECH 5526 - Advanced Reactor Design (3)
  • ECH 5820 - Polymer Physical Science and Engineering (3)
  • ECH 5828 - Introduction to Polymer Science and Engineering (3)
  • ECH 5841 - Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics II (3)
  • ECH 5934r - Special Topics in Chemical Engineering (3)

Find other elective courses in the CBE Approved Graduate Elective List.

Dissertation Hours (twenty-seven [27] semester hours):

  • ECH 6980 - Dissertation (1-24) (S/U grade only)

Dissertation Defense (Zero [0] semester hours):

  • ECH 8985 - Dissertation Defense (0) (P/F grade only)

Degree Requirements

Fifty-seven semester hours and the following requirements must be completed successfully for the award of the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering:

  1. Passing ECH 8965 Doctoral Preliminary Examination within two consecutive exam attempts (see Ph.D. preliminary examination requirements below for more details). Successful completion will result in an initial admission to Ph.D. candidacy.
  2. Completion of 30 semester hours of advanced coursework (including 15 semester hours of core graduate coursework and 15 hours of electives).
  3. Completion of at least 27 semester hours of dissertation research, listed under repeatable course ECH 6980 Dissertation.
  4. Registration and attendance at all departmental seminars listed under repeatable course ECH 5935 Chemical Engineering Seminar.
  5. Selection of a research topic and faculty advisor(s).
  6. Formation of a supervisory committee in consultation with the faculty advisor(s).
  7. Submission and defense of a Ph.D. prospectus on the dissertation topic to the supervisory committee.
  8. One semester teaching assistantship in an undergraduate laboratory 
  9. Presentation of a research topic at one local, regional, national, or international professional meeting.
  10. Submission or publication of scholarly articles (minimum of one) based on original dissertation research in peer-reviewed journals.
  11. Satisfaction of the University Scholarly Engagement requirement.
  12. Successful passage of ECH 8985 Dissertation Defense. At least two hours of dissertation (ECH 6980) must be registered for concurrently during the term of the dissertation defense (ECH 8985).

No course with a grade below “C” will be counted toward the fulfillment of degree requirements. No more than one course with a grade in the “C” range will be counted toward the fulfillment of degree requirements.

All paperwork associated with the above requirements (see forms) must be submitted in a timely fashion to the Departmental office with appropriate signatures for review by the Graduate Committee and its Chair.

All ChE graduate students are required to attend the Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE) Workshop to prepare for teaching assistant (TA) duties. This requirement is mandatory regardless of the student's classification as a teaching assistant or research assistant. In addition, all students are required to take safety training courses as necessary.

Students with a master’s degree in ChE from the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering may, with approval of the graduate committee and major professor, take six (6) additional approved semester hours beyond the thesis-type master's course requirements to satisfy the thirty (30) semester hours required for the Ph.D. All other requirements must be fulfilled as stated above.