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Hoyong Chung, Ph.D.

Hoyong Chung
Associate Professor
Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
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  • Postdoctoral scholar, Chemistry (Robert H. Grubbs), Caltech, 2011-2014
  • Ph.D. Chemistry (Newell R. Washburn), Carnegie Mellon University, 2007-2011
Research Interests
  • Bio-inspired polymers
  • Smart materials
  • Catalysts for polymers

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

  1. Chung, H.; Kwiat, D.; Saadai, P.; Kwan, S. Y.; Harrison, M. R.; Grubbs, R. H. "In Vitro Studies of N-methacryloyl-3,4-dihydroxyl-Lphenylalanine Containing Terpolymer Sealant to Prevent Fetal Membrane Rupture" submitted
  2. Chung, H.; Grubbs, R. H. "Rapidly Crosslinkable DOPA containing Terpolymer Adhesives and PEG-based Crosslinkers for Biomedical Applications" Macromolecules 2012 45 9666-9673
  3. Li, W.*; Chung, H.*; Daeffler, C.; Johnson, J. A.; Grubbs, R. H. "Accurate Polymer Molecular Weight Determination Method in Diverse Living Polymerizations via DOSY" Macromolecules 2012 45 9595-9603 (*Co-first authors)
  4. Hilburg, S.; Elder, A.; Chung, H.; Ferebee, R.; Bockstaller M.; Washburn N. R. "A Universal Route towards Thermoplastic Lignin Composites with Improved Mechanical properties" Polymer 2014 55 995-1003
  5. Pothen, J. M.; Chung, H.*; Elder, A. N.; Menguc, Y.; Sitti, M.; and Washburn N. R.* "Rapid Loss of Adhesion in Dopamine Methacrylamide Copolymers" submitted (*Corresponding authors)
  6. Chung, H.; Al-Khouja, A.; Washburn, N. R. "Lignin-based Graft Copolymers via ATRP and Click Chemistry" In Green Polymer Chemistry: Biocatalysis and Materials II American Chemical Society 2013 1144 373-391
  7. Chung, H.; Washburn, N. R. "Chemistry of Lignin-based Materials" Green Materials 2012 3 137-160 8. Chung, H.; and Washburn, N. R. "Improved Lignin Polyurethane Properties with Lewis Acid Treatment" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2012 4 2840-2846
  8. Chung, H.; Glass, P.; Pothen J. M. ; Sitti, M.; Washburn, N. R. "Enhanced Adhesion of Dopamine Methacrylamide Elastomers via Viscoelasticity Tuning" Biomacromolecules 2011 12 342-347
  9. Glass, P.*; Chung, H.*; Washburn, N. R.; Sitti, M. "Enhanced Wet Adhesion and Shear of Elastomeric Micro-Fiber Arrays with Mushroom Tip Geometry and a Photopolymerized p(DMA-co-MEA) Tip Coating" Langmuir 2010 26 17357-17362 (* Co-first authors)
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