Rufina Alamo, Ph.D.

Rufina Alamo, Ph.D.
Simon Ostrach Professor of Engineering & Distinguished Research Professor of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Phone Numbers
Building A, Room A170
Educational History
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Madrid, 1981
M.S., Chemistry, University of Valladolid, 1978
B.S., Chemistry, University of Valladolid, 1977
Research Interests
Polymer characterization
Polymer crystallization
Physical properties of macromolecules
Structure-properties relations of polymers
Morphology of crystalline polymers
Mettler-Toledo NATAS Award, 2009
Awards, Honors, and Memberships

American Physical Society Fellow, Division of Polymer Physics, 2012

Mettler-Toledo NATAS Award, 2009

Advisory Board of Macromolecules, 2005 - 2008

Engineering Research Awards of the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering, 2000 and 2008

Professional Development Award. FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, 2005

Member of the Advisory Council of WIMSE, 2001 - present

Professional Memberships

American Chemical Society

ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry

ACS Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering

American Physical Society

APS Division of Polymer Physics

North American Thermal Analysis Society

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

H. Janani, R.G. Alamo, "Melt Miscibility of Blends of isotactic Polypropylene and Homogeneous iso-Propylene-1-Hexene Copolymers", J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. (under review)

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Huanhuan Gao, Madhavi Vadlamudi, Rufina G. Alamo and Wenbing Hu, "Monte Carlo Simulations of the Strong Memory Effect of Crystallization above the Equilibrium Melting Point of Random Copolymers." Macromolecules 46, 6498-6506, 2013.

Benjamin O. Reid, Madhavi Vadlamudi, Hamed Janani, Huanhuan Gao, Wenbing Hu and Rufina G. Alamo, "Strong Memory Effect of Crystallization above the Equilibrium Melting Point of Random Copolymers", Macromolecules 46, 6485-6497, 2013.

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C. Ruiz-Orta, R.G. Alamo, "Morphological and Kinetic Comonomer Partitioning in Random Propylene 1-Butene Copolymers", Polymer, 53, 810-822, 2012.

Book Chapters

R.G. Alamo, "Polyethylene, Linear High-Density" in Polymer Data Handbook, 2nd Ed. pg. 634 - 650, Oxford University Press, 2009.

R.G. Alamo, "Phase Structure and Morphology" in Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 53: Molecular Characterization and Analysis of Polymers, J. Chalmers, R. Meier Eds. Elsevier, 2008, pg. 255-287.