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CEE Research

Dr. Clayton Clark with three graduate students
Dr. Kampmann with two students in a lab facility
Two female students working in a lab facility

About CEE Research

Civil and environmental engineers face unprecedented challenges due to the rapid growth of the world’s population. The global population is projected to reach more than 10 billion by 2055. The traditional way we build the infrastructure may be unsustainable.

When communities are exposed to hazards such as hurricanes, more people are affected by them. Even with the advancement in the past century, today’s infrastructure is not resilient against hazards.

The mission of our research is to advance knowledge in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. The department has three thrust areas: Sustainable Materials and Resilient Structures, Sustainable and Resilient Community, and Sustainable Environment.

Associated Research Centers

Affiliated research centers and facilities that the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering actively collaborates with.