CEE Graduate Courses

The following courses are either required or frequently-taught electives in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    • CEG 5015 | Advanced Soil Mechanics (3)
      Prerequisite: CEG 3011
      Course Description: Mechanical behavior, internal stresses, and stability analysis of noncohesive soils, compressibility, consolidation, and settlement of cohesive soils, analytical techniques for predicting earth movement.


    • CEG 5115 | Foundation Engineering (3)
      Prerequisite: CEG 3011
      Course Description: Design of spread footings, pole and caisson foundations, retaining structures and waterfront structures. Investigation of slope stability.


    • CEG 5515 | Earth Retaining Systems and Slope Design (3)
      Prerequisite: CEG 4801
      Course Description: Design of systems such as sheet pile walls, segmental walls, and dewatering systems. Choice between alternative design methods including software applications. 


    • CEG 5705 | Environmental Geotechnics (3)
      Prerequisite: CEG 3011
      Course Description: The geotechnical aspects of waste containment and storage. Aspects of design, construction, and performance of earthen structures for storing or disposing waste or remediating contaminated sites.