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CEE Bachelor's - Master's (BS-MEng) Pathway

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This pathway provides academically talented undergraduate students an opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in 5 years. Upon approval, this pathway allows 6 graduate hours to be double-counted toward an undergraduate degree program. The student will earn the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree upon completion of the undergraduate program and the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree upon completion of the graduate program.

Combined Pathway Scholarship for Double-Counted Courses

The College of Engineering offers a tuition supplement to cover the tuition differential for up to six credit-hours of graduate coursework taken by eligible undergraduate students in the program. This means that undergraduate students will pay only undergraduate rates for the two double-counted courses, as long as eligibility criteria are maintained. Once the student completes their undergraduate degree and enrolls in the graduate program, regular graduate tuition rates apply. The non-thesis Master of Engineering degree is intended to be self-funded: assistantships and tuition waivers are not available to non-thesis MEng students, although many engineering firms offer tuition reimbursement to employees working toward advanced degrees.

Admission Requirements

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  • Overall GPA: 3.2
  • Area specific requirements1 : obtain B (3.0) average or higher in certain area-specific courses:
Area Courses
Structures EGM 3512 Engineering Mechanics
EGN 3331 Strength of Materials
CES 3100 Structural Analysis
Transportation/Construction TTE 3004 Transportation Engineering
CCE 3101 Construction Materials
Geotechnical CEG 3011 Soil Mechanics
Environmental/Water Resources EES 3040 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CWR 3201 Hydraulics
1 One or more courses may be in progress at the time of application, but students must meet minimum grade requirements in these courses before being permitted to enroll in graduate courses.
  • Pass FE or meet the university GRE requirement and apply to the graduate school by the end of the senior year. FAMU or FSU undergraduates with an upper-division engineering GPA of at least 3.2/4.0 and an overall GPA of at least 3.4/4.0 can request a waiver of the FE/GRE exam requirement.
  • Student applications are considered holistically. Admission decisions are made with the goal of ensuring that students are sufficiently prepared both for the graduate program and for the rigors of taking graduate coursework in their senior year.

Changes in Undergrad Course Requirements for BS+MEng Students


The following chart outlines course substitutions within the undergraduate curriculum for the graduate courses. In addition, to make sure that students are sufficiently prepared for graduate work, certain areas require additional changes to BS course requirements.

Area Replace BS-Only Course Requirement... ...with BS+MEng Course Requirement
Structures ENV 4xxx Environmental or CWR 4xxx Water Resources elective CES 4605 Steel Design or CES 4702 Concrete Design2
One Group B course 5000-level structures course
Group C course 5000-level structures course
Transportation or Construction ENV 4xxx Environmental or CWR 4xxx Water Resources elective 4000-level transportation or construction course
One Group B course 5000-level trans. or const. course
Group C course 5000-level trans. or const. course
Geotechnical One Group B course 5000-level geotechnical course
Group C course 5000-level geotechnical course
Environmental / Water Resources One Group B course 5000-level env./water resources course
Group C course 5000-level env./water resources course
2 Whichever was not used for CES 4xxx requirement, so that the student takes both Steel and Concrete Design.

Students who follow the new Fall 2020 Undergraduate map has one additional option for the replacement: Instead of “one Group B course and one Group C course”, the student can also replace “two Group B courses” with two 5000-level courses.

When to Apply

To ensure smooth transition to the graduate program, it is recommended that the students apply to the combined BS-MEng degree pathway during Terms 5 or 6 (the Junior year) according to the CEE Academic Map. Students are encouraged to apply early in the semester, but they can apply any time of the year. Pathway students still have to apply to grad school.  That application form, as well as additional information on applying to graduate school is available at https://eng.famu.fsu.edu/cee/graduate/resources.