Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Faculty: Drs. Jamel AliSamuel GrantJingjiao GuanDaniel Hallinan Jr.Eric Kalu, Leonardo LiuSubramanian RamakrishnanAyyalusamy RamamoorthyRalm Ricarte and Theo Siegrist

The investigation of complex structures and phenomena at the nanometer scale has become crucial in the development of novel technologies. This work has enhanced our understanding of physics at the nanoscale level, where everyday solids and liquids change their properties dramatically as the effects of quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular structure, and fluctuations compete. Topics of current interest include chemical reactions on nano-structured surfaces, electronic and transport properties of nanoscale materials, novel phases within nano-structured materials, transport and quantum mechanical phenomena in nanocrystals, nanoparticle self-assembly, nanoscale fluid flow, and nanocluster materials for electrocatalysis.

Our faculty and students benefit greatly from collaborations with researchers in other departments such as the School of Computational ScienceIndustrial and Mechanical EngineeringPhysics, and MARTECH.