IME Undergraduate Admissions

The first step to enrolling at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering as an IME Major is to be accepted to FAMU or FSU.

What Next?

Neither the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering nor the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering have specific undergraduate admission requirements over and above that required by each respective university. All incoming freshmen and first-year transfer students across engineering departments are initially designated "Pre-Engineering" students. Once pre-engineering coursework is complete, the student may change their declared major from "Pre-Engineering" to a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) degree offered by the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

Pre Engineering Requirements

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Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for full-time qualified students that are enrolled in a BS degree program. Please visit the funding page for information about cost of attendance as well as financial aid opportunities.


MSIE and PhD

In addition to traditional baccalaureate degree programs, the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing is pleased to offer graduate programs to qualified students. Please visit the program's page to learn how you can earn a graduate degree.



State of Florida Common Program Prerequisites

The state of Florida has identified common program prerequisites for this University degree program. Specific prerequisites are required for admission into the upper-division program and must be completed by the student at either a community college or a state university prior to being admitted to this program. Students may be admitted into the University without completing the prerequisites, but may not be admitted into the program. For a current list of state-approved prerequisites please visit prerequisites manuals.