Retaining Engineers Through Research Entrepreneurship and Advanced-materials Training (RETREAT)

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The High-Performance Materials Institute (HPMI) is now accepting applications from undergraduates in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines for the NSF REU Summer RETREAT. The 10-week paid research experience includes a modest allotment for a one-time travel assistance and one-time fixed food voucher. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with leading experts and be trained on the utilization, manufacturing, and characterization of multiscale and multifunctional advanced composites. They will also learn how to successfully commercialize technological innovations by participating in seminars on entrepreneurship and an EngiPreneur Competition (an entrepreneurship-based student project competition) to be coordinated by experts from the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship of Florida State University.

This program will be held at FSU's Material Research Building, a new 45,000 sq. ft. facility, which is the home of HPMI.

  • US citizenship or permanent residency required
  • Selection will be based on academic performance, research interests, and faculty recommendations 
  • Women and underrepresented minority students are encouraged to apply
  • Tentative dates: May 30, 2023 - August 4, 2023




    The Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program (MSIPP) is designed to build a sustainable pipeline between the Department of Energy's (DOE) sites/labs and minority-serving institutions in STEM disciplines, and bring a heightened awareness of NNSA plants and laboratories to institutions with a common interest in STEM research fields.

    Currently, MSIPP supports 24 consortium-based teams consisting of participants from select institutions. These teams bring together institutions that share interests in STEM research areas and who can utilize the facilities and technology available at DOE/NNSA’s labs and sites.

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    The RETREAT research projects will provide students with an opportunity to participate in ongoing research programs in the areas of composite materials, smart sensors and materials manufacturing. Students will work closely with faculty and graduate students and gain hands on experience with advanced techniques in demand in the field today. The following are summer 2022 projects and similar project topics will be proposed for summer 2023.

    Title Faculty Mentor(s) REU Fellow

    Magneto Assisted Printing Experiment

    Dr. Dickens

    Abdullah Noman


    Fabrication of Fe2AlB2 based MBenes for cooling microdevices in flexible electronics and magnetocaloric coolers

    Dr. Ramakrishnan

    Shane Reed


    Auger Based Printing

    Dr. Dickens

    Abdullah Noman


    3D-Printed Magnetic Micro-rollers for Biological Applications

    Dr. Ali

    Sophie Jermyn & David Quashie

    Tyler Gregory

    Understanding the Interface between Hybrid Materials and Architectures

    Dr. Dickens

    Bryana Beckford

    Sean Psulkowski

    Engineering of Flexible Lead-Free Composites for Radiation Shielded Wear

    Dr. In-Situ



    Synthesis of MXenes for Energy Storage and Wearable Devices

    Dr. Okoli

    Ayomide Sijuade


    On-Demand Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Manufacturing for NASA Applications

    Dr. Ramakrishnan

    Md Alamgir Hossein

    Big Data Analytics for Emerging Mobility Systems

    Dr. Sun

    Sajeeb Kirtonia


    Curing Detection and Post-Cure Monitoring using Carbon Nanotube Yarns

    Dr. Liang

    Marquese Pollard


    BNNT-Reinforced Ceramic Composites for High-Temperature Applications

    Dr. Sweat

    Mehul Tank


    3D Imaging of Entangled Carbon Nanotube Structures

    Dr. Park

    Matt Kurilich


    Implementation of Game Theoretic Algorithm

    Dr. Lichun Li

    Nabiha Nasir Orpa


    Process Improvement of Resin Infusion Between Double Flexible Tooling (RIDFT) Manufacturing Method

    Dr. Okoli

    Okunzuwa (Austine) Ekuase


    Design and Fabrication of Functionally-Graded MatEx Filament Feedstock

    Dr. Dickens

    Sean Psulkowski


    In-situ synthesis of Mxenes for energy storage and wearable devices

    Dr. Okoli

    Nafiza Anjum


    Printing quality control

    Dr. Wang

    An-Tsun Wei


    Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of In-situ Triboluminescent Optical Fiber Sensors Embedded into a 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Composite

    Dr. Okoli

    Lucas Carani


    Hygrothermal Response of Composite Micro and Nanomaterial Interfaces

    Dr. Sweat

    Ana De Leon


    Wireless Biodegradable Micromotors for Microplastic Remediation

    Dr. Ali

    David Quashie

    Shannon Kelley

    Fabrication of Crosslinkable Poly(arylene ether sulfone) Thin Film Composite Membranes by 3D Printing

    Dr. Arnett

    Kadisha Culpepper


    Tissue Engineering Approach for Neuropathy Mitigation

    Dr. Zeng & Dr. Yan Li

    Danyale Berry


    Hybrid Multifunctional Carbon Fiber/Carbon Nanotube PEEK Composites: Thermomechanical Mechanisms and Performance

    Dr. Sweat & Dr. Jolowsky

    Mitesh Patadia


    Exploration of PI/vitrimer Nanocomposites

    Dr. Dickens & Dr. Lumar




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