ECE Financial Assistance

The ECE Department has limited funding resources for graduate students. The Department uses two different mechanisms for funding students:

  1. Teaching assistantships
  2. Research assistantships

Teaching Assistantships (TA) are usually offered at the beginning of each semester; they are recommended by the Graduate Committee and approved by the Department Chair. Research Assistantships (RA) are offered by faculty members, and the funding commitment belongs to individual faculty members. Students interested in research assistantships should contact faculty members, in their area of interest, directly.

Faculty Contact Information

Please remember that the Graduate Program Director does not appoint RA positions, therefore,  it is best to contact faculty whom you are interested in working with, directly.

All assistantships are contingent upon satisfactory performance and progress towards the degree. Preference is given to Ph.D. students/applicants. In addition to financial support from within the department, there are also various fellowships available from the College of Engineering, the university, industry, philanthropic organizations, and from several U.S. government agencies. Information is available through the graduate program office or from the Graduate School office.

If you are a new international student and expressed your intention to enroll in one of our graduate programs, you do not need to apply for a Teaching Assistantship. If your application is received by the priority deadline (See the Application Section), you will be automatically considered for Teaching Assistantship. However, the number of Teaching Assistantship for new students is limited. Students are advised to contact professors in their area of interest to secure Research Assistantship.

For more information on funding, please see the Graduate Student Handbook on the department website.