IME PhD Suggested Timeline

Phase 1

Before first semester registration: Meet with the Director of Graduate Studies or your temporary graduate advisor to plan a course of study for your first semester; confirm any prerequisite needs.

During the first semester: Take each course required from both the Mathematical Course Group AND Computational Course Group.

Before the end of the second semester:

  • Begin the process of identifying faculty research interests compatible with your academic or career goals.
  • Establish a doctoral supervisory committee.
  • Submit a degree plan.
  • Submit paper to peer reviewed journal(s).

Phase 2

During the third semester:

  • Finish taking core courses, checking to make sure that all have been completed.
  • Submit second paper to peer reviewed journal(s).

By the end of the fourth semester: Take doctoral Preliminary Examination.

Phase 3

During the fifth semester: Submit the dissertation proposal and also the progress report this semester and thereafter.

During final semester:

  • Apply for the degree.
  • Pay the diploma fee.
  • Schedule the final oral defense through your committee chair.
  • Defend dissertation.
  • Arrange for cap and gown at FAMU or FSU bookstore.

Summary Table

  Course Work Committee, Exams & Reports Research Work Time (Approx.)
Phase I Core Courses & Other Formation of Committee Limited 3 Semesters
Phase II Depth Courses & Other Preliminary Exam Dissertation Proposal Submission 2 Semesters
Phase III More as Needed Submission of
Progress Report (Each Semester)
Substantial, Significant,
Focused Research
3 Semesters
Summary 60+ Hours Typical Dissertation Dissertation & Journal Articles 8 Semesters