MSIE Thesis Option Curriculum

Core Courses Four courses (9 credit hours)
ESI 5412 (FAMU) / ESI 5408 (FSU) Applied Optimization (3hrs) (Spring)
ESI 5247 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments (3hrs) (Spring)
ESI 5525 Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing and Industrial Systems (3hrs) (Fall)
EIN 5936 Graduate Seminar (0hrs) (Fall)


Specialty Courses At least three courses (9 credit hours)
Manufacturing Engineering  
EIN 5398 Manufacturing Materials Processing (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5399 Concurrent Engineering (3hrs) (Fall)
EIN 5412 Computer-Aided Manufacturing (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5930 Advanced Composite Engineering Seminar (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5930 Polymer Materials Manufacturing & Processing (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5930 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (3hrs) (Spring)
ESI 5248 Environmental Conscious Design and Manufacturing (3hrs) (Fall)
EMA 5182 Composite Materials Engineering (3hrs) (Fall)
Quality Engineering and Optimization
EIN 5524 System Modeling and Simulation (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5930 Advanced Topics in Quality Engineering (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5930 Engineering Time Series Analysis & Forecasting (3hrs) (Fall)
EIN 5930 Reliability Engineering (3hrs) (Spring)
EIN 5930 Response Surfaces and Process Optimization (3hrs) (Fall)
ESI 5154 Statistical Process Control (3hrs) (Spring)
ESI 5228 Introduction to IS0 9000 (3hrs) (Fall)
ESI 5243 Engineering Data Analysis (3hrs) (Fall)
ESI 5451 Project Analysis and Design (3hrs) (Fall)
ESI 5458 Optimization on Networks (3hrs) (Fall)


Elective Courses At least two courses (6 credit hours)
EIN 5930r Special Topics in Industrial Engineering (1-6)
EIN 5905r Directed Individual Study (1-3)
  Courses with consent of the advisory committee


Thesis 6 credit hours
Note: Additional courses are available through FEEDS.