MSIE Engineering Management Curriculum

Management Curriculum

30 credit hours

Courses Seven courses (18 credit hours)
ESI 5243 Engineering Data Analysis
EIN 5322 Engineering Management
ESI 5451 Project Analysis and Design
EIN 5931 Leadership and Communications
EIN 5353 Engineering Economics and Financial Analysis
ESI 5247 Engineering Experiments
EIN 5936 Graduate Seminar (0 credits)


Management Core Options At least one course from FSU, FEEDS, or FAMU (3 credit hours)
MAR 5465 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Fall only)
MAN 5935 Entrepreneurial Management (Spring only)
MAR 5935 Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing (Spring only)
MAR 5935 Electronic Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing (Spring only)
EIN 5117 Management Information Systems FEEDS, UCF
MAR 5816 Marketing Strategy FSU College of Business - only available evenings in Fall semester
FIN 5935 Entrepreneurial Finance
FIN 5935 Financial Modeling and Forecasting
MAN 5206 Organizational Behavior FAMU
MAN 5245 Organizational Behavior FSU College of Business - only available evenings in Spring semester (Spring @ evening or Summer @ day)



Elective Courses At least four courses (12 credit hours) - At least two electives must be from the College of Engineering
Additional Business Options
ISM 5226 Network Development and Management (Fall only)
ISM 5046 Social and Organization Issues in MIS (Spring only)
ISM 5206 Database Development and Management (Spring only)
ISM 5021 Information and Technology Management FSU College of Business (Summer @ evenings, Fall @ day)
ISM 5123 Information Systems Analysis and Design (Fall only and requires two programming courses as prerequisite)
MAN 5601 Multinational Business Operations (Spring @ days or Summer @ evenings)
ECP 5706 Managerial Economics (Spring evenings or Fall @ days)
FIN 5935 Entrepreneurial Field Studies (Spring only)
FIN 5605 Multinational Financial Management (Spring only)
FIN 5515 Investment Management and Analysis (Fall @ evenings or Spring @ evenings, if space available)
FIN 5445 Problems in Financial Management (Fall days or Summer evenings )
LIS 5489 Network Administration
Note: Online MBA classes are not currently available to MSIE Students.



Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Options
ESI 5412 Computer-Aided Manufacturing
EIN 5413 Computer-Aided Process Planning
ESI 5154 Statistical Process Control
ESI 5408 Applied Optimization
EIN 5399 Concurrent Engineering
ESI 5525 Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing and Industrial Systems
ESI 5248 Environment Conscious Design and Manufacturing
EIN 5226 Total Quality Management FEEDS - FIU
EIN 6934 Total Quality Management Concepts FEEDS - USF
ESI 6455 Advanced Engineering Project Management FEEDS - FIU
ESI 6912 Models for Supply Chain Management and Analysis FEEDS - UF



Additional Elective Courses for Students without a BSIE
EIN 5228 Introduction to ISO 9000
EIN 5524 System Modeling and Simulation
MAN 5501 Operations Management
Note: Additional courses are available through FEEDS.