ME Undergraduate Curriculum

Current FAMU Curriculum Diagram  

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  • In the Curriculum Diagram, prerequisite and co-requisite courses are indicated in italics below the course.
    • If you have earned a 'D' grade in a prerequisite or co-requisite course you can usually take the class, provided 1) you obtain instructors and department permission using a Course Prerequisite Waiver request and 2) you retake the earlier class the very first time it is offered again. Students having earned two 'D' grades in any required courses earlier in the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum sequence will not be able to proceed. See ME Excessive Repeat Policy.
  • Co-requisite courses may be taken either earlier or during the same semester.
  • Because of the prerequisites and semester course offering restrictions you need to follow the schedule closely.
  • Mechanical Engineering majors are required to speak with their assigned Faculty Advisor in order to complete a current Curriculum Diagram.
    • The Faculty Advisor provides valuable academic advisement via his/her knowledge of the curriculum content and serves to guide the student's studies to coordinate with their individual interests and skills level. Additionally the Faculty Advisor serves the student by providing knowledgeable insight and/or recommendations for potential career options, employment or graduate studies.
  • The completed form must be returned to the Mechanical Engineering Department to have that term's departmental Advisement Hold removed.
  • The Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, may provide academic advisement to a student with an assigned Faculty Advisor only one term per academic year.

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