CBE Graduate Application for Degree


During the first two weeks of the semester in which the student expects to received a degree and prior to the deadline listed in the FAMU and FSU Directory of Classes, one must formally apply for the degree at the Office of the Registrar at the appropriate university. If it subsequently becomes clear that the requirements will not be completed by the end of the semester, then notification of the Registrar and the College of Engineering should be made as soon as possible; moreover, the candidate must reapply for the degree during the appropriate period of the following semester (or the semester in which graduation is planned, if later).


Degree Requiring a Thesis or Dissertation

For a doctoral degree or a master's degree by thesis, early in the term of graduation the student should obtain from the Manuscript and Final Clearance Advisor in Room 408 Westcott (FSU) a copy of the brochure Guidelines and Requirements for Thesis, Treatise, and Dissertation Writers, together with a set of forms described therein and to be completed prior to graduation. In particular, the thesis or dissertation must be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies (located in Room 408 Westcott at FSU), or at FAMU. The procedure the student must go through to obtain this approval is described in detail in the brochure.

Minimum Credit for Thesis or Dissertation

For a doctoral degree or a master's degree by thesis, the student must register for a minimum of one semester hour of (dissertation or thesis) credit during the term in which the degree is awarded, even if all requirements have already been completed in previous semesters. This credit hour is to reimburse FSU for the administrative costs of manuscript clearance and final degree procedures. Moreover, if the student was enrolled for the previous two terms then the student must seek readmission before registration for the requisite semester hour will be allowed.

Receiving a Doctorate at Commencement

To receive a doctorate in person, the student should rent a cap, gown and hood from the University Book Store at least four weeks prior to the relevant commencement ceremony. If the student is unable to attend this ceremony in person, the degree can be awarded in absentia.