ME Technical Electives

The purpose of technical electives is to broaden and/or deepen a student's knowledge of engineering and technology. Mechanical Engineering majors are required to take a total of 12 hours of technical electives. A wide variety of courses are appropriate to satisfy this requirement. Sometimes it may also be desirable for a student to select an elective course from a discipline outside of Mechanical Engineering.

The student's choice of elective classes must always be discussed with, and approved by, their advisor prior to enrollment. Technical electives should be chosen that provide the student with the foundation necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in attaining their career goals. Not all electives will be approved. Some restrictions are:

  1. Electives should only be taken during the senior year.
  2. Only three elective hours (one class) may be taken outside Mechanical Engineering.
  3. The student must have the required prerequisites and/or background for the course.
  4. Any course not shown in the listing below must first be approved by the advisor.
  5. An elective cannot usually be an alternate form of material already covered. For example, a second high-level programming language would not be acceptable. Nor would a first or second class in thermodynamics in another department be acceptable.
  6. Material that could reasonably be learned independently is ordinarily not suitable. Nor is material that is not directly related to a career in mechanical engineering, or that is vocational.
  7. The student may be able to take a graduate level class as a technical elective provided he/she has completed the Mechanical Engineering classes up to their junior year with a grade point average of 3.2 or better, and permission has been obtained from both their advisor and the instructor. A special form is available from the Registrar's office to enable the student to take graduate level classes.

Below is a list of some suitable technical electives. Other classes not listed below may be appropriate after consultation with your academic advisor and the undergraduate coordinator.

Students may select Technical Elective Tracks resulting in a certificate of specialization.

Technical Electives

Mechanical Engineering * updated listing 04/06/18
EAS 4101 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics EML 4501 Machine Design
EGN 3454 Numerical Methods for Mechanical Engineers EML 4512 Thermal-Fluid Design
EMA 4225 Mechanical Metallurgy EML 4536 Design using FEM (Finite Element Method)
EMA 4501 Electron Microscopy EML 4542 Materials Selection and Design
EMA 4813 Computational Material Physics EML 4711 Introduction to Gas Dynamics
EML 4161 Cryogenics EML 4800 Introduction to Robotics
EML 4288 Vehicle Design EML 4804 Mechatronics II
EML 4312 Design and Analysis of Control Systems EML 4830 Introduction to Mobile Robotics
EML 4316 Advanced Design and Analysis of Control Systems EML 4841 Bio-Robotics and Locomotion
EML 4321 Manufacturing Processes Control EML 4524 Design and Modeling Manufacturing Processes
EML 4421 Fundamentals of Propulsion Systems  EML 4930 Special Topics in ME
EML 4450 Energy Conversion Systems for Sustainability EML 4905 Directed Independent Study (permission required)
EML 4452 Sustainable Power Generation EML 4970 Honors in the Major (First 3 credits†)


† Student may elect to use three (3) of the six (6) required credits of EML 4970, Honors Work, towards fulfilling the Technical Elective requirement – 
See Honors Work Course Request Form.


Non-Mechanical Technical Electives must be 3000 level or above Civil Engineering *
* student must complete all required prerequisites CES 3100 Structural Analysis
  CES 4101 Advanced Structural Analysis
Physics * ENV 4001 Environmental Engineering
PHY 3101 Intermediate Modern Physics ENV 4341 Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering
PHY 3424 Optics TTE 4201 Traffic Engineering
  TTE 4250 Traffic Operations
Mathematics *  
MAA 4402 Complex Variables Electrical Engineering *
FAMU - MAD 3401 Numerical Analysis EEL 3216 Fundamentals of Power Systems
FSU - MAD 3703 Numerical Analysis I EEL 3472 Electromagnetic Fields I
FAMU - MAP 3341 Partial Differential Equations EEL 3705 Digital Logic Design
FSU - MAP 4341 Elementary Partial Differential Equations I EEL 4220 Electromechanical Dynamics
MAS 3105 Applied Linear Algebra I (3/4 cr) EEL 4746 Microprocessor-Based System Design
FSU - STA 3032 Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (3 cr)  
  Industrial Engineering *
  EGN 3443 Statistical Topics in Engineering
  EIN 4333 Design of Integrated Production Systems and Facilities Layout
  FAMU-EIN 4395/ FSU-EIN 4621 Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  EIN 4611 Industrial Automation and Robotics
  EIN 4150/ 4445 Commercialization (Technology Entrepreneurship)


If you take a course outside of mechanical engineering, please give some feedback about how useful it is to you to your advisor. That will allow us to keep the list of approved courses up to date.