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The GRE requirement has been waived (and extended) for all engineering master’s applicants applying through Fall 2026!

The fully accredited MS Systems Engineering curriculum consists of thirty (30) credit hours. The curriculum has seven 3-hour core courses and three 3-hour technical electives in Systems Engineering or other related disciplines, subjected to the approval by the IME department. Offering a broad selection of technical elective study areas enables the student to focus on a specific concentration or to diversify their knowledge by expanding into new study areas. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 at all times while enrolled in the program.

Available Courses


  • ESI 5510 - Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • EIN 5356C - Cost Estimating for Engineering Economic Analysis
  • ESI 5353 - Engineering Risk Analysis and Decision Making with Uncertainty
  • ESI 5512 - System Requirements Analysis and Knowledge Management
  • ESI 5001 - Systems Test and Evaluation
  • ESI 5000 - Design Considerations for Systems Engineering
  • ESI 5536 - Model Based Systems Engineering and Simulation


Tech elective areas include (but aren't limited to):

  • Advanced model-based systems engineering
  • Simulation, human factors, human systems integration
  • Data analytics, operations research and optimization
  • Autonomous systems
  • Maritime systems
  • Aerospace systems
  • Electrical and power systems
  • Transportation systems
  • Healthcare, health science, medicine, biomedical engineering
  • Engineering management, project management, leadership, Business



Online graduate courses offered by other engineering departments and colleges may be accepted as electives for the Systems program with approval from the director of Systems Engineering and the IME department graduate director.

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