ME Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Standing

Academic Probation & Dismissal

A student whose cumulative GPA falls below a 3.00 at the end of a term will be considered "not in good standing" and will be placed on academic probation. A stop will be placed on the student's registration until they have met with their major professor and submitted a revised plan of study to the Graduate Committee for approval.

If the student does not raise his or her GPA by the end of the next term they will be dismissed from the graduate program. The student's major may petition the Graduate Committee for reinstatement. The major professor must submit written justification for granting an exception. If the Graduate Committee accepts the petition, the student will be reinstated as a graduate student under academic probation. However, under no circumstance will a student be allowed more than one additional term of academic probation.

Minimum GPA Requirement

Students are required to maintain a cumulative 3.00 GPA each semester they are enrolled. The department also limits the number of "C" grades a student may earn (to two) before they are required to repeat a course.

Modifying Academic Program

Any modification to a student's academic program (change of major professor, change of major area, change of program, etc.) must be approved by the student's major professor and then submitted to the Graduate Coordinator for approval.