The purpose of this project is to design a robot for the IEEE SoutheastCon 2024 hardware competition. In this competition, the robot must be able to pick up blocks and move them. The robot must also be able to pass over a 7-inch gap and press a button, performing these tasks quickly and without any outside control. One important strategy we used was optimization.

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Engineering Senior Design Team 301 members standing together on FAMU-FSU College of Engineering third floor breezeway

Faculty Tenure and Promotions for Spring ‘24

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering proudly announces our engineering faculty members promoted or granted tenure this year. 

Jointly appointed at both Florida A&M and Florida State universities, our instructors and researchers are recognized and highly regarded for their support in the mission and success of the college. Congratulations for all their hard work! These promotions take effect in Fall 2024.

Engineering Team Wins U.S. DOT Stage 1A Intersection Safety Challenge Award

A team of engineering faculty from the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering was awarded the Intersection Safety Challenge Stage 1A Award from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The researchers walked away with a $100,000 grant to support new and emerging transportation safety technology and the chance to vie for a $1 million grant for the Stage 1B award.