Betton Road is a heavily traveled roadway that joins Centerville Road and Thomasville Road in Tallahassee. Betton Road is a road near the town’s main hospital and is in the center of a neighborhood and park. This makes the road unique due to its various uses. Due to the amount use, it has worn and come to the end of its service life. Our project rehabilitates the road and adds pedestrian enhancement. 

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Team 220 L to R: Dylan Butterfield, Max Carr, Fernando Guerra, Jeffrey Huynh, Julian Mirabal

S&H Investments Group, a real estate developer located in Clay County, Florida, owns a large piece of land on US Highway 17 in Fleming Island, Florida. They planned to relocate an existing stormwater facility to another location on the project site. There are two ponds on the project site, a wet retention pond in the northwest and a dry detention pond in the southeast which fulfilled the purpose of controlling run- off/overflow.

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Team 219: Russ Freeman, Om Patel, Kevin Siem, Ryan Toth

The Michael the Cleaner site in Sarasota, Florida was listed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as a hazardous site because it was polluted by chemicals used in dry cleaning. These chemicals got into the soil and groundwater, both on and off the site. 

Laundry facilities use a variety of chemicals that end up in the environment when they dispose of their wastewater. When these chemicals reach groundwater, they reduce the oxygen levels. This is harmful to nearby wells and, in this case, a body of water that was less than a quarter mile away. 

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Team 218 L to R: Nicole Blanchard, Darius Far, Alexander Rodriquez, Rayana Watford

Faculty Tenure and Promotions for Spring ‘24

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering proudly announces our engineering faculty members promoted or granted tenure this year. 

Jointly appointed at both Florida A&M and Florida State universities, our instructors and researchers are recognized and highly regarded for their support in the mission and success of the college. Congratulations for all their hard work! These promotions take effect in Fall 2024.

The Sarasota area in southwest Florida has experienced a lot of growth in recent years, with many construction projects ongoing. One area included in this high level of growth is Laurel Road, in southern Sarasota County next to the City of Venice. There are many new construction projects planned along the road. Additionally, there is a school located here. The school, along with the developments, presents a traffic problem. The road was not built to handle the amount of people using it, so Sarasota County asked us to address this problem.

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Team 217 L to R: Kevin Brock, Edward Erickson, Alec Hale, Jacob Unger

Crawfordville, Florida’s population is growing. We developed the site design for the Misting Springs Subdivision, a residential neighborhood on an existing 34.98-acre plot of undeveloped land in Crawfordville. Our goal was to divide the land into the highest number of lots in the most cost-effective way. The client requested recreational areas for the residents and that a portion of the land be left for future commercial use. 

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Team 216 L to R: Peyton Brocksmith, Layla Chyle, Andrew Nelson, Stephan Senich, Connor Worontsoff

The semi-truck parking lot at the I-10 rest stop in Okaloosa County, Florida had an ongoing capacity issue. There were not enough parking spaces to accommodate the number of trucks entering the stop. As a result, truck drivers had been parking on the road shoulder and other less than ideal areas. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) secured the funding to expand the parking lot. Our team was tasked with designing a new parking lot while mainly focused on maximizing stalls per acre.

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Team 215 L to R: Kevin Arabi, Alan Cutler, Jack Horning, Ryan Lopez

In Collier County, Florida, there is a demand for amenities related to health and wellness. Gulf Coast Ventures is a developer in South Florida that focuses on increasing commercial development.  They created a concept for the Naples Health and Fitness Plaza that consisted of three one-story buildings including an athletic training center, a Vale Food Co. restaurant and a physical therapy facility. We designed a site on an undeveloped 4.5-acre parcel of land in Collier County. We were responsible for creating a site, utility, grading and drainage plan. 

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Team 214 L to R: Nicole Devaney, Nicole Nelson, Taylor Petersen, Cody Schellinger

A recent increase in the number of students at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering required renovations to the building to preserve the quality of life on campus. Inside Building A, our client wanted additional teaching and study space. We delivered floor plans with enough space for 300 additional students. The existing atrium of Building A was designed to be filled with two floors which fill in the empty overhead space. To make space for the renovation, we removed the metal sculpture in Building A. 

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Team 213 L to R: Kylie Augustine, Andrew Hedderman, Dominic Rodio

Our senior design project was a residential home in Tallahassee, FL. The house is approximately 36,000 square feet and lakefront. The overall problem with the project was the size of the home. This caused issues with location of utilities, drainage and unique shapes. 

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Team 212 L to R: Matheus Brandao, Connor Burk, Luis Cruz, Nasser Doud, Andre Nacional