CCS is Here for You

Office of Faculty Affairs

Remote Support

We can help you remotely in various ways. It starts with all the usual and familiar tools (email, phone calls, etc.). But, we have other ways to provide assistance: we can use Zoom, for example, to hold a video conversation with you; we have a remote-support tool called BOMGAR that allows us to connect to your computer (with your permission) to see what you are seeing and to make changes as needed. So, know that we are prepared to deal with most issues remotely.

In-Person Support

As indicated above, we will be on-site on March 23 and 24, and at least occasionally beyond that. If you would like to meet with us, whether for general help, or for help with recording a lecture, or whatever, please make an appointment and we will be glad to work with you.

Canvas and Remote Instruction

I know that many of you will have continuing questions about using Canvas, Zoom, and other tools for remote instruction. Tamara will be readily available to assist you. You may contact her directly, or, better yet, make your request through or (850) 410-6446.

Remote Proctoring

As you might know, FSU-ODL has integrated a remote proctoring tool called Honorlock (Online Proctoring Guide for Honorlock Exams) into the FSU Canvas. We are in the process of obtaining the HonorLock software for our Canvas, and hope to have it in place for you next week. Details will be forthcoming.

If you are planning to use Honorlock, please note that your students WILL need a webcam; so, you should ask your students now if they have a webcam. If you have students that do not have a webcam, there MAY be some opportunity to obtain one through FSU; we will share more information on that soon. Meanwhile, please let CCS know how many students need a webcam, so we can share that with the people working on this.

Student Access to Engineering Software

Students are encouraged to use MyFSUVLab to access software – faculty and staff can use it, also, just go to and log in with your FSU credentials.

If you hear from any of your FAMU students that they do not have FSU credentials, we should be able to help them with that – just have them contact CCS.

Some students, with some VLab software, might have concerns about performance. PLEASE have them share their specific concerns with us. We might be able to work with the VLab team to improve performance, but only if we know the specific concerns. Of course, we cannot guarantee that performance will be fabulous in all cases – there are a lot of variables, including the quality of the student’s Internet connection.

We will also be providing the students with information about some software they can obtain for free to run on their computers (we will copy you on that message).

IMPORTANT: The first point of contact for your students concerning issues with the software in your course, is YOU (and your TA). You know how to use the software, and you have a good idea about the typical issues students have with the software. CCS is glad to help the student with any “non-Engineering” concerns with the software (access, performance, etc.).

This is a challenging time for all of us, but CCS is here to stand with you as we all face this unprecedented situation together. Do not hesitate to call on us if we can assist in any way.