Engineering Whole Humans wellness series

engineering whole humans

“Engineering Whole Humans” is a wellness series aimed at helping our engineering students grow not just their academic skills, but also life skills. These events and resources are designed to help you build a strong mind, body and soul. Because you can’t thrive with just 1 (or even 2) and not all 3!

All events are open to any engineering student on the FAMU-FSU Engineering campus. See links in the event details for more information.

August 2021

Mental Health Bootcamp - a Zoom presentation that provides an overview of mental health concerns that impact college students, how they manifest and what concerned peers/staff/faculty can do to help. [August 25 at 5:00 pm]

October 2021

Developing Healthy Relationships & Communication Skills - Learn the styles of communication- which to strive for & which to steer away from in creating/ maintaining healthy communication; characteristics of healthy relationships & “Red Flags” for unhealthy relationships; the importance of boundary setting in healthy relationships; and tips for conflict resolution/ communication of needs. [October 11 at 5:00 pm]