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Engineering Serves

We could list one hundred and one reasons why we love our engineering students, but the biggest reason? Our students have ideas, ideas that can change and serve our communities but most importantly, our world. They care and they want to use the skills they have to make our planet better. Something as small as turbines in storm drains to generate power or big as building houses out of recycled products for more affordable and sustainable housing can all have great impact.

The tragedy left behind by Hurricane Michael will not be forgotten in Tallahassee and the Florida panhandle. This year, we decided to start the campaign #EngineeringServes with resilience against natural disasters in mind. We want to promote the creation of projects that have a purpose, can help people--but most importantly bridge the gap between the students and the community.

Creativity can overcome challenges. Projects like tree harvesters to make yard clean up less dangerous and faster, using vehicles as home generators during power outages, and putting turbines in storm drains to create electricity are just some ideas along this theme. The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering wants to seize the opportunity to help in any way we are capable, starting with this.

On Mar. 1, 2019, FAMU-FSU Engineering will begin accepting community submissions for #EngineeringServes project ideas. All submissions should be entered via our social media pages. The deadline for ideas is Mar. 31, 2019 and on Apr. 18, 2019, the winning ideas will be announced as part of our annual Senior Engineering Design Day.

What can you do to be involved?



Your involvement is just telling us what you need. Is there challenge to overcome or something that could be done more efficiently? We want to hear from you!



You are the brains and brawn behind the ideas! You are the ones who will engineer solutions for the needs our community identifies. If you see something in the community suggestions that interests you as a senior design project, then make it happen. Benefits? Support an investment from the Tallahassee community, the possibility for your project to get attention and praise, and the knowledge that you are doing something great for others.



We need you as much as we need ideas because projects cannot get made without sponsors. Whether it be that a project sticks out to you or you’re looking to help out your future fellow engineers, you are as much a part of this initiative as the students or community. Sponsorships start at $2,000 per project. Contact us for more info or to get involved (email to Tisha).